In Vienna, as the dog days of summer give way to cool breezes and falling leaves, Metropole turns its focus to the clockwork behind the city on the Danube.
Maggie Childs sketch
I’ve lived in Vienna long enough to know when a situation will allow a certain, shall we say, bending of the rules. The famous solution titled “des krieg ma schon hin…” (we’ll figure this out). And there are rules here for almost everything, which can make things difficult, if not impossible. It’s all part of […]
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Imitation. It’s the secret to winning over any group you want to be part of. I know. I speak from experience. As a restless 14-year-old, my mother informed me that my Thursday evenings were to be dedicated to ballroom dancing. Elmayer is where Vienne...
Editor's Letter
Define smartIt’s hard to grumble in Vienna. Public transportation runs on time, a woman can safely walk home at night, the cycling paths make sense, there are parks and play-grounds within walking distance and if you lose something, chances are...