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Friday, December 15, 2017
In the ornate Palais Todesco, right across from the Vienna State Opera, Gerstner hosts a Viennese Sunday brunch that will wow visitors and locals alike. Guests enjoy a choice selection of Viennese cuisine surrounded by gilded moldings and historic ceiling frescos, grand fire places and detailed wood paneling in its restaurant on the second floor. From 11:00 to 14:00, guests can enjoy a delicious appetizer buffet with cuts of veal tenderloin, Volcano ham and crab salad. Main courses are prepared fresh by Gerstner’s chefs...
city guide vienna december january
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Bermudadreieck Vienna
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dance vienna
This year, the dance floor can be yours. With these tips, you’ll have all the moves to wow the ball season crowd I’m sitting on a white, soft sofa in a changing room; next to me a guy is tying his black shoes, polished to a mirror shine. He’s embarrassed, but at the same time can’t hide a smile. We’re at the...
city guide vienna november 2017
A new collection of tips to discover! To advertise please contact ads@metropole.at ARTMARK GALLERY VIENNA We present contemporary art from circa 1950 to the present day. Abstraction, a timeless vocabulary of color and form that incorporates the “space,” reduction and concentration on the essential and also concrete art all the way to minimalism are the main focus of the gallery. We present artists like Dora...
On a warm Sunday morning in Alt-Hietzing, an elderly lady pushes her walker along the old wooden parquet terrace of Café Dommayer, a coffeehouse where dukes and duchesses strolled in days past. Famous in the 19th century as a dance hall where Johann Strauss Sr. and Jr. both performed, it was recently added to the Kurkonditorei Oberlaa empire. But nothing...
local finds november 2017
This November, we look into baubles and embellishments, from precious gems to contemporary textile and metal hybrids ANNA INSPIRING JEWELRY Austrian jewelry designer Anna Singer opened up her first shop in Vienna with the goal of bringing her delicate creations to the masses. With her intricate designs, industrial know-how and her understanding of the contemporary jewelry market, she has managed to...
Austrian holiday november saints day
With National Day barely over, it’s already time for the next two Austrian holidays On November 1st, Austrians celebrate Allerheiligen (All Saints’ Day), which collectively honors the saints of the catholic church. The day after, Allerseelen (All Souls’ Day) is also an important liturgical feast, intended to honor the dearly departed. In practice, both occasions are often rolled into one, with...
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