Nibelungenviertel | A Legend on Every Street

Rather than elaborate historicism, the buildings are in the lighter, more playful Jugendstil style.
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Franziskanerviertel | Historic Downtown Treasures

The streets have stayed essentially untouched since the Middle Ages – narrow and winding with many a hidden courtyard branching off in unexpected places.

Donauinsel | Vienna’s Leisure Island

Regardless of how many livability surveys Vienna tops, our beloved city has one glaring deficiency that it will never fix: The nearest ocean beach is hundreds of kilometers away.

Altes AKH |Forever a Student at the Vienna Commons

Wandering around the diverse and historic campus of Austria’s largest and best-known academic institution is compelling even if you are no longer a student

Seestadt Aspern | The New Frontier

Despite a direct subway connection, getting to Seestadt Aspern is quite a trek: starting from Karlsplatz on the U2, you’ll pass the national stadium i...

Böhmischer Prater | The Fairytale Road

A whistle blares unmistakably through the bushes and shrubs. The little train is ready to depart. “Einsteigen bitte!” (All aboard!) says an au...

Westbahnstraße | West Side Story

Vienna may not be quite as hip as Berlin – though not from lack of trying, as anyone who’s been to Westbahnstraße in the 7th district can attest.

Brunnenmarkt | United We Eat

While Vienna’s inner districts will never lose their allure, Brunnenmarkt and its vibrant surroundings can offer an edgier alternative, providing a compelling and stimulating model of integration.

Wienerberg | Working-Class Playground

On a late summer afternoon, a man pushes a cooler across the dirt paths around the Wienerberg pond, selling cold beer for €2 a can to visitors of this...

Altlerchenfeld | Laying Low, Living Large

If Goldilocks had to choose a neighborhood in Vienna, it might be Altlerchenfeld. Laidback yet central, this neighborhood strikes the perfect balanc...

Lainzer Tiergarten | Where the Wild Things Are

As hard as it is to find solitude in a city of almost two million, it’s far from impossible: at the Lainzer Tiergarten nature preserve in the 13th and...

Cottageviertel| Imperial Suburbia

by Anastasia Gromontova & Binu Starnegg The lure of suburbia, with its promise of the tranquility of country life within city limits, is a strong...

Meiselmarkt | Vienna’s Biggest Indoor Market

Rising Bazaar Despite a grand hilltop view of stately Schönbrunn palace, a mere four bus stops further, for the locals of Meiselmarkt, the city’s...

Gumpendorf | Bohemian Rhapsody

As dawn breaks in Gumpendorf, you can observe two very different types of early morning creatures: You might catch bearded barroom revolutionaries stu...

Stadtpark | Central Perk

For all the rolling Prater meadows and vineyards in the Vienna Woods, green space in the city center is in short supply – were it not for the St...

Bermudadreieck | History and Hard Drinking

Ominously named after the mysterious navigational hazard that allegedly claims countless vessels in the Caribbean, Vienna’s Bermudadreieck (Bermud...

Alt-Hietzing | Suburban Imperialism

On a warm Sunday morning in Alt-Hietzing, an elderly lady pushes her walker along the old wooden parquet terrace of Café Dommayer, a coffeehouse...

Stuwerviertel | A Neighborhood at a Crossroads

The Stuwerviertel is an anomaly, both more and less than meets the eye: Wedged in between the Prater, Mexikoplatz and Ausstellungsstrasse, it’s quiet,...

Neustift Am Walde | Town and Country

There’s no question: Vienna loves its wine and the traditions that go with it. And few areas of the city encapsulate Vienna’s enduring love for liquid...

Alte Donau | The Coolest Spot in Town

Peppered with silver and black poplar trees casting welcome shadows, the shores of the Old Danube make it easy to forget that you’re only a few subway stops away from the 1st district.

The Naschmarkt | Vienna’s Legendary Open-Air Market

Or how a culinary melting pot became the city's favorite Bobo Bazaar Even in staunchly nostalgic Vienna, neighborhoods change. The Naschmarkt is a ...

Pioneers Festival 2017 | Where to Hang Around the Hofburg

Between the talks and networking, try these lunch spots, museums and sights you should visit while attending the Pioneers Festival 2017. First ment...

Vienna’s Old University Quarter

A tradition of temptation In medieval Vienna, the hilly streets of the northeast quarter – encompassed by Rotenturmstraße, Fleischmarkt, Stubenri...

Gußhausviertel | Downtown Diplomacy

Gußhausviertel Taking a stroll just behind Karlskirche into the 4th district is a calming experience. Gone is the buzz of tourists and traffic sn...


High Street High If elegance and sophistication had an address, Kohlmarkt would be it. Connecting two must-sees, the Hofburg and the Graben, it i...

Turning Back the Clock in Vienna’s Mittersteig

Wedged between the lively arteries of Wiedner Hauptstrasse and Margaretenstrasse, Mittersteig is a mostly residential area with some hidden gems ...

Oberdöbling | The Noble Nineteenth’s Bourgeois Ghetto

Vienna’s hilly north side may be cozy but not sleepy The 19th district, Döbling, is one of Vienna’s “noble” districts:  along with Hietzing (13th...

Urban gardening in Vienna

Metropole’s tips and tricks to the aspiring urban gardener Between the big city bustle of busy pavements, tiny dogs, chic cafés, trotting horses and b...

Hofburg | Downtown Empire

The Viennese can be a tad formal at times: strings of titles, hand kissing, fancy dress.  But when you’ve had the Hofburg down the street for some 750...

Pötzleinsdorf | Into the Woods

When I first strolled under the lush canopies of the Vienna Woods, described in the pages of Elfriede Jelinek’s The Piano Teacher, I never imagined I ...

Grätzl: Weißgerberviertel – Art on the Riverside

My Home is My Grätzl This month: the Weißgerberviertel in Vienna's 3rd district One sunny weekend in February, I set off with two friends to exp...

Servitenviertel | Saints and Sinners in the Neighborhood

The Servitenviertel is almost hidden, with countless side streets and cobblestones walks inviting you to a leisurely stroll. It’s almost impossible to...

Spittelberg | The Village in the Village

Spittelberg hosts one of the city’s loveliest Christmas markets, a favorite with the locals who come for the specialty foods and handicrafts – and hap...

Schottenviertel | From Friars to Freedom Fighters

In mid-autumn, it is already dark by 19:00 in Vienna. Crossing the Ring at Schottentor, the street glistens under the glow of the streetlamps in the l...

Freihausviertel | The Art of Living

True independence comes from within this neighborhood, where high-rent and low-budget meet at every corner. It’s centrally located in the 4th district...
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