Quick guides to Vienna’s off-the-beaten-track micro-neighborhoods

charms of the Ferris wheel and park
A whistle blares unmistakably through the bushes and shrubs. The little train is ready to depart. “Einsteigen bitte!” (All aboard!) says an automated voice. The green passenger car with yellow wheels and the No. 5 printed on the side shudders into action. The Böhmischer Prater (Bohemian ­Pra­ter) on Laaer Berg in Vienna’s 10th district is […]
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Vienna may not be quite as hip as Berlin – though not from lack of trying, as anyone who’s been to Westbahnstraße in the 7th district can attest. Armies of young and trendy 20- to 30-somethings roam here, slurping superfood smoothies and soy chai lattes while perusing sustainable independent fashion and vinyl records. But really, don’t […]
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Particularly during the holidays, it’s impossible to avoid the hustle and bustle of the 1st district – from Schottentor to Stubentor, you’re bombarded by sights, sounds and noises. Yet, nestled between the busy Graben and the majestic Hofbu...
While Vienna’s inner districts will never lose their allure, Brunnenmarkt and its vibrant surroundings can offer an edgier alternative, providing a compelling and stimulating model of integration.


If Goldilocks had to choose a neighborhood in Vienna, it might be Altlerchenfeld. Laidback yet central, this neighborhood strikes the perfect balance – not too trendy, but exciting enough; not too crowded, but still colorful, with an even mix of...
Apartment Interior
Whether you want to chill like a hipster or enjoy the green, there’s a place for you.
As hard as it is to find solitude in a city of almost two million, it’s far from impossible: at the Lainzer Tiergarten nature preserve in the 13th and 23rd districts, you can have a whole forest to yourself – barring the occasional wild boar. A word ...
by Anastasia Gromontova & Binu Starnegg The lure of suburbia, with its promise of the tranquility of country life within city limits, is a strong one. And while Vienna mostly consists of large Gründerzeit apartment buildings and even larger communal Gemeindebauten, the city has not always been immune to the charms of life with a […]
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Rising Bazaar Despite a grand hilltop view of stately Schönbrunn palace, a mere four bus stops further, for the locals of Meiselmarkt, the city’s splendor seems a million miles away. Part of Vienna’s 15th district Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, the Grätz...