KHM The Riddle of the Sphinx
The Mystery Makers challenge you to experience the KHM in a different light. Behind the ornate facade of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM), an ancient mystery awaits. As our team of intrepid explorers hurried down black and white marble-tiled halls and through elaborate gilded archways, we were issued a challenge: Solve the riddles of the Sphinx, […]
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The special 10th-anniversary edition of the Vienna Fashion Week happened last week! From Sep 10-16 an impressive 65 local and international designers presented their new collections on the catwalk of the Museumsquartier to Viennese audience and numer...
Intensive Care: The Delirium CafĂ© brings a bit of Belgian cheer to Vienna’s lager-battered heart. No matter the month or temperature, it’s always beer o’ clock in Austria: placing second worldwide in per capita consumption, only our Czech neighbors chug more. And while lager (sometimes known as Märzen) remains the suds of choice, local palates […]
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Despite behind-the-scenes struggles, the Donaukanal remains the place to be when the temperature rises As a tourist couple is taking a selfie on the SchwedenbrĂĽcke, just a few feet below them a slightly tipsy older gentleman is dancing ecstatically to jazz played by a band on an improvised stage under the bridge. He is wearing […]
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clandestino bar vienna cocktail
More Havana than Gatsby, Clandestino appeals far beyond its niche.Many have attributed Vienna’s consistently high quality-of-life rankings to factors like clean air, high culture and public transport. Why doesn’t anyone mention the city’s bars?...
The Krypt updates the speakeasy with award-winning décor and drinks.Little do we think about the space beneath our feet; our cities are full of vastly underutilized underground spaces with heaps of potential. Hidden in the 9th District’s Wasa al...
Adored by local musicians and always welcoming, ZWE keeps local jazz alive.The “city of music” may be best known for classical fare, but unsurprising for the birth place of all-time great Joe Zawinul, Vienna has a fertile underground network ...
salopp vienna
Bartenders have it hard these days. A signature drink is a must for the in-crowd craving novelty, yet most patrons aren’t willing to venture too far out of their comfort zone, resulting in endless variations of trendy classics like the mule or gin an...
dance vienna
This year, the dance floor can be yours. With these tips, you’ll have all the moves to wow the ball season crowd.