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Baumhaus Lodge reconnects you to nature through cutting-edge architectureWhen I was younger, I loved climbing the trees in grandpa’s garden, but having a much-desired treehouse always eluded me. So when I heard about the Baumhaus Lodge (Treehouse Lodge), a unique hotel with state-of-the-art cabins among the canopies in Lower Austria’s Waldviertel (Forest District), a long-forgotten dream stirred once again....
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From jet setters to families, Carinthia's Wörthersee is the waterfront escape Austrians keep coming back to The Alps have no shortage of glitzy winter resorts, but when it comes to summer getaways none can top the Wörthersee for glamour: the largest of the 1,270 lakes dotting scenic Carinthia, it has long been synonymous with luxury and high society, making an...
Summer heat doesn’t temper Austrians’ appetite for high peaks in the slightest.Many Austrians have never seen The Sound of Music (after all, what does Hollywood know?). And those who have may well reject the picture of a folksy, slightly naïve and somewhat hillbilly people inclined to burst into song at the slightest excuse, that has somehow charmed generations of...
The Wachau region is just a stone’s throw from Vienna and its secrets and treasures can be all yours for an afternoon.The dream of slowing down – of escaping the city to spend endless afternoons in the countryside – has always seemed like something for old people. But when I got the opportunity to visit the Wachau Valley, I...
Rafting in the Mostviertel may be a thrill, but to Rudi Scheiblechner, it’s business as usualBraving the elements armed only with a paddle, every year countless people take the plunge down the playful and turbulent waters of the roaring Salza river in an inflatable raft. “They come back often,” said river guide Rudi Scheiblechner – rafting can be habit-forming. Along...
Pures Leben Chalets Styria
An out-of-town house experience with all the comforts of modern living. I’ll be the first to admit it. City kids always look a little out of place on a rolling hillside. It’s something about the all-in-black look and the impractical shoes that immediately gives us away. But nature beckons, and for those without out-of-town friends or a country house of...