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Friday, July 13, 2018

Photographer Lilya Corneli Creates Muses: Are you her Next Inspiration?

to be a muse
The photographer and artist Lilya Corneli and stylist Olga Schloemer launched the Project "To Be a Muse" after Corneli was inspired by Vienna's great portrait painters, like Klimt and Schiele. She took a look-alike selfie, posted it on instagram and the concept was born. She then invited friends...

Lost in the City

fashion democracy
We live in a city of stories. Each time you turn a corner, you become part of the history of the place. Even if you know your home town inside out, it’s those moments when you discover a hidden spot you’ve never seen before that you love Vienna. fashion editor Ali...

Nostalgia, The Seductive Liar

photoshoot nostalgia
We retreat into nostalgia for comfort, for the feeling of being in a time period that is better than the present.We project meaning, romance and allure onto objects and settings in an attempt to flee our uncomfortable realities.For the nostalgia issue, we visited one of Vienna’s most treasured small theaters, the Ateliertheater. Opened on...

Five Photographers Illustrate Italian Love

ali rabbani fashion november 2017
Five photographers collaborated to illustrate Italian love.The variations in interpretation by each artist demonstrate that there is never only one right answer in the creative process and that multiple visions can coexist in harmony.Photographers Alex Kaiser, Thomas Paul Kleedorfer, Nadja Nemetz, Oliver Neunteufel & Michael StroblStyling Ali Rabbani // instagram.com/iamrabbaniStyling Assistance Lana Sharp...

International Design Fair Blickfang

international design fair blickfang
The international design fair presents creative, innovative and unique pieces for everyoneIn this age of mass produced individuality, it can be difficult to stand out amid generic furniture and clothing. But handcrafted, unique authenticity is still very much available – if you know where...

A Trip to LA to Change Your Point of View

ali rabbani fashion october 2017
Who’s to say whether the life one person chooses to lead is one you could imagine for yourself? Does that make their desire for meaning, comfort, love and compassion any less real? Have you ever questioned your POINT OF VIEW? We live in different kinds...

Street Style – Daring Comfort Wear for the Urbanite

street style fashion
As a fashion phenomenon, street style arose at the end of the 20th century and has since developed into a billion-dollar industry that perfectly caters to swagger heavy coolness aficionados. In this world it seems that each snapshot is a frozen moment in life,...

Sustainable Shopping: Vienna’s Best Second-hand Shops

Vienna's Best second-hand shops
Live – and dress – in the past.Often underappreciated when it comes to fashion, Vienna has found it somewhat difficult to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, perennially living in the shadows of its stylish neighbors Milan and Paris. However, this glamorous...

Borderless Fashion

In any given moment a corner of Vienna can transport you to other urban landscapes, revealing this city's soul and versatility. For our travel issue we decided to take you on a journey without leaving town. In an artistic collaboration with Maximilian Lottmann we aimed...