On Sale: Design Markets

Fesch’markt (shown above) has been hugely successful since its starting in 2010. (photos: Arno-Ebner)

Vienna has succumbed to the concept market: a compilation of fashion, design and food vendors brought together for their new, trendy or popular offerings.

My Favorite Things November 2016

my favorite things

© Courtesy of Persol

Today it’s a camera drone. Tomorrow it travels back in time and tries to kill Sarah Conner.

Sheldon CooperThe Big Bang Theory (slightly adapted)

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy shoes and that’s kind of the same thing.

Source Unknown


2016 – An Urban Odyssey


© Chris Singer

Science fiction meets wearable aesthetics at Vienna’s tallest skyscraper. Futurist colors and natural fabrics combine in a marriage of utility and beauty. Urban utopia, or brave new world?

My Favorite Things

my favorite things

© Longchamp

Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.

Mark Twain

Vienna’s Best Boutiques

Vienna's Best Boutiques


They go unnoticed by many and are treasured by a chosen few. Vienna’s best boutiques are on the rise and we chose a select sample to get you through May.

Everyday Life Just got Smarter

Equipment Embellishments

© Oculus Rift

Find more time for the important things in life with a little help from our friends from the world of wearables, e-mobility, virtual reality and the internet of things

Back to The Future

mind back future

© Maximilian Lottmann

Thoughts from our expert on design, gadgets and joie de vivre

A Trip to LA to Change Your Point of View

ali rabbani fashion october 2017

Dress – Whistles, Sandals – Joshua Sanders // © Chris Singer

Who’s to say whether the life one person chooses to lead is one you could imagine for yourself? Does that make their desire for meaning, comfort, love and compassion any less real?

On Sale: Poetry in Motion

Both Meves (right) and Cumming are wearing M Missoni. Sunglasses by Ray Ban.

Two expat dancers, Stephanie Cumming and Katarina Meves warm up for Impulstanz in the Painting 2.0 exhibit at Mumok