red wines
Unpredictable weather has kept Austrian vintners on their toes, making the 2017 vintage a challenging one As smartphones and technology keep us curled up inside, we like to think we have mastered our environm...

Bubbles at the Bar

Other  winemakers  may  follow  the méthode  champenoise,  but  the  aristocrats  of  bubbly  still  define  the  market.  Procedures  can  be  copied;  the  magic  is  more  difficult. Crémant,  Sekt,  Prosecco,  Frizzante  –  as  long as  it’s  go...
hungarian wine
Hungary has a terroir all its own, with a heart and soul rooted in the small, family vineyards Less than three hours from Vienna, you are in a very different world of bor (wine): the Badacsony region on Lake Balaton, Hu...
Austrian wine
The 2018 Austrian wines are defined by last year’s long summer and sweltering temperatures. Like love and moonlight, wine and sunshine go hand in hand, but too much of a good thing can be as harmful as too little. Many of the world’s best wines have always come from cooler climes, with Champagne and Burgundy […]
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