Practical Guide to Men’s Mental Health in Vienna

Each of us thrives on our social relationships, knowing our family is safe and healthy and having a routine and productive life. COVID-19 upended eac...

The New Sobriety

Sobriety: Juice pairings, sober bars, 0% rum – the range of sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages is growing. Is society changing? Or is it just a fleeting trend?

Breathing New Life Into the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

With a gender pay gap of 19.9% in 2019, equality in the Austrian labour market seems like it’s still a long way off. But within the alcoholic beverage industry, these women are already reversing the trend.

Austria’s Eco-Social Tax Reform Promises “Climate Bonus”

The government's new eco-social tax reform has not exactly been received with enthusiasm by NGOs. As of July 1, 2022, Austrians will pay additional taxes for their CO2 emissions.

President Van der Bellen to Visit Auschwitz

President Alexander Van der Bellen will be taking part in the opening of a new Austrian national exhibition at the state museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Unemployment in Austria Is Back on the Rise

The Austrian Ministry of labor has again recorded a slight increase in unemployment rates due to a high number of job training participants.

Nuclear Power Not Sustainable, Says Gewessler in EU Dispute

Climate Minister Leonore Gewessler has presented a legal report stating that nuclear power must not be ranked as green and sustainable energy in the EU.

EU Infringement Proceedings Against Austria Over Terrorism

The EU guidelines on combating terrorism have punishments and sanctions for terrorism-related crimes as well as special regulations for victims. Aside from Austria, the EU Commission was also suing Finland, Croatia, and Luxembourg.

Ski Jumper Gregor Schlierenzauer Ends Career

53 times World Cup record winner Gregor Schlierenzauer is ending his ski jumping career, announced the the 31-year-old Tyrolean on his own online blog on Tuesday.

21st “Long Night of Museums” With 640 Institutions

This year, the “Long Night of Museums” ("Lange Nacht der Museen") counts with 640 institutions and takes place on October 2, from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

ORF Bosses – 13 New Directors at the Austrian Public Broadcaster

Under the designated ORF general director Roland Weissmann, ORF III managing director Eva Schindlauer will be the new finance director, ORF III chief...

The Ultimate Guide to Cursing in Vienna

Sneak off, You Arse Violin! The Viennese pride themselves in being a culture of misanthropic complainers. A society of the dissatisfied, oblivious...

Publisher’s Letter | One for the Road

Once upon a time in my Vienna history, I was working as a travel writer and as a waitress. This combination is particularly tricky in a town like Vie...

How To… Become an Austrian Sommelier

Becoming a self-taught wine writer is easily more fun than covering city hall or the sewer district.  Still, as my articles on local wines and v...

Wine, Wine, nur du Allein

Austria ranks 13th worldwide for social drinking – our author’s personal journey on growing up in a country where alcohol comes not by the glass but in economy-sized two liter bottles

Herz Fest – An International Block Party

A huge thank you to all those who attended Metropole’s Herz Fest – An International Block Party! On September 10, we celebrated our award-winning...

Pioneering Social Businesses

How a passion for justice, a love for music and an entrepreneurial spirit brought Okan McAllister from the Bosporus to build social businesses in the city on the Danube.

Being Turkish in Vienna

As one of the oldest and largest communities in Vienna, you can find people with Turkish roots almost everywhere in the city. We interviewed some of them.

Culinary Current Affairs

At Heuer am Karlsplatz, chef Markus Höller keeps things playful and strictly contemporary, in this casual-yet-stylish after-work favorite.

On the Trail of the Ottoman-Turks in Vienna

When touring Vienna’s Altstadt, it's enough to lift your head just a little to see the cannonballs catapulted over the city walls by the Ottomans centuries ago. And there are other ancient secrets in store.

Caution: Horses at Work

In the shaded Fürichgasse by the Albertina, a Fiakerfahrer describes his life with his matched greys, and his frustrations with critics, “who don’t know horses.”

Ömer Öztaş – Building a Brighter Future

A Viennese Green Party politician with Turkish roots is working for positive change in Vienna, not only for migrants, but for the entire coming generation.

Home Is Where You Grow Up

... without forgetting your roots. From facts to real lives – the tales of a guest worker family coming to Austria and how the generations and a migration biography evolved.

Afghan Ambassador to Austria: “This will set our country back a century.”

Editor’s note: A few days before Kabul fell to the Taliban, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Austria, Manizha Bakhtari, agreed to an interview with Metropole, answering pre-approved questions in writing, under the condition that none touched upon deportations.

The Known, Yet Unknown Community

Even in Turkey, the society is not homogeneous including people of many culturally diverse backgrounds. Exactly this diversity is reflected in Turkish Vienna.

Word of the Week: Rauschkind [ʁaʊ̯ʃkɪnt]

What's a "Rauschkind"? Learn about the term's connection to alcohol with its side effects, and a medically dubious Austrian old wives’ tale,

Danube Limes Now Listed as a World Heritage Site

After almost 20 years of transnational cooperation, the ruins of the ancient Roman frontier fortifications along the Danube are now recognized by UNESCO as sites of particular cultural value.

Austria Introduces a New ID Card

The new Personalausweis will have three different security levels and new features like a QR code, a photo with a tilting effect and a see-through window.

The Climbers – Growing Tall

In local author Keith Gray’s latest novel, a group of small-town teenagers shed their childhoods as a tree sheds its leaves

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Schönbrunn Palace

From humble beginnings as a hunting lodge to the opulent summer residence of the Habsburg dynasty, Schönbrunn palace is a treasure trove of historical anecdotes.

“We Ain’t There”: The New Russian-Designed Technique of Hybrid Warfare.

Russian aggression against Ukraine has recently entered its eighth year. Over 13 thousand people have been killed and 30 thousand have been wounded, in addition to over two million people displaced, their homes and infrastructure destroyed.

Vienna & Austria Hit With Heavy Rainfall and Flooding

Downpours this past weekend caused floods across the country, leaving Hallein in Salzburg and Kufstein in Tyrol underwater. In the capital, more rain fell in an hour than in the previous seven weeks together.

Navigate the World of Self-Employment in Austria With This New Series

For those who seek professional independence and creative freedom, self-employment might be the right career path. To help you navigate this complex field, Metropole has partnered with Self-employed in Austria to bring you this helpful new series on all things self-employment.

Murder of a 13-year-old Girl Sparks Debate Over Austria’s Asylum Policies

Three of the four suspects are asylum seekers with criminal records and denied applications, leaving the government struggling to explain why they had yet to be deported.

Word of the Week: Radler [ˈʁaːdlɐ]

What does Radler mean? Where does the word come from? What connects lemonade and a lack of beer to a German innkeeper and Austrian cycling?

Word of the Week: wuzeln [ˈvuːt͡sl̩n]

Twisting, turning, rolling: "wuzeln" has to do a lot with kinetics. Find out what it means and for which activities you can use the term.

Syrian Lingo – Monkeys & Gazelles

Arabic is today spoken by over 310 million people as their first language; another 270 speak it as their second language. In Vienna alone, over 40,000 people (or 2% of the population) are estimated to speak Arabic.

Meet Alexandra Obernberger, Speech Therapist in Vienna

“Language development is dependent on interaction, you say something and your counterpart reacts. A smartphone couldn’t care less whether you react to it or not.”

Meet Werner Richter, a Literary Translator in Vienna

“When I finally experience in person a sensation that I’ve translated – like the sound of the wind in a canyon – I get this feeling of déjà vu, or maybe déjà ‘traduit.’”

Word of the Week: pflanzen [ˈp͡flant͡sn̩]

What does pflanzen mean? Which use of the term does it find in Viennese slang? What does pflanzen have to do with describing being annoyed?

Maximizing Transparency in Crypto Companies

The 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive seeks to curb terrorist financing and money laundering by forcing companies in the so-called “crypto sector” out in the open.

Word of the Week: Doppler [ˈdɔplɐ]

What does Doppler mean? What does Doppler have to do with Tafelwein or Landwein? Why has it been gradually phased out over the past decade?

Word of the Week: Holler [ˈhɔlɐ]

What does Holler mean? How is this Viennese abbreviation for Hollunder linked to horse feathers, claptrap, poppycock, hogwash and tomfoolery?