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How to … Find Your Stammcafé in Vienna

In Vienna, you need to prove yourself worthy of your café of choice in what can be a lengthy application process.
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4 Serbian Idioms Taken Literally

A “boy throwing an eye on a girl,” or someone “cutting his ears to patch his ass” these are very common expressions in Serbian. In these illustrations, you can see the literal meaning of some of the most popular phrases in Serbian.

Popular Serbian Idioms

by Aleksandra MikićWhen a "boy throws an eye on a girl", or when someone "cuts his ears to patch his ass" are very common exp...

6 Serbian Dishes you Must-Try in Vienna

AppetizersDuvan čvarci (tobacco pork cracklings) Typical Serbian Dish from the West, these pork cracklings are special for two reasons: They cont...

Novi Sad, a Serbian City Shaped By the Habsburgs

Home to 23 national minorities, 4 official languages and three religions, this ancient Habsburg city on the Danube is the 2021 European Capital of Culture.

The Serbians Making Vienna’s Music Scene

From the Vienna Boys Choir to the University of Music and Performing Arts, Serbian musicians bring a unique soulfulness to the Austrian musical tradition.

Traditional Serbian Cuisine at Thalia Grill in Ottakring

You lose track of time at the family-run restaurant, in the 16th district, famous for its excellent food, authentic decor and positive vibes.

Serbs in Austria Date Back to the 17th Century

In the 1600s, Vienna was a cultural center for the Serbian people. Today, the glorious past of the intellectual elite is coming back in large strides.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Chocolate Museum

The Misaljević family combines love, family, chocolate and business – “the most important things in life” at one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Austrian capital.

Serbian Heroes in Vienna

From health and security providers to scientists and civil servants, these Serbians have become a key part of Austrian society.

Word of the Week: i-tüpferl-Reiter [i:-dYpfəl-raɪtʰə]

Noun.Lit. “i-dot-rider;” A pedantic person; a stickler; someone who insists on dotting all “i’s” and crossing all “t’s.”

Word of the Week: Gründerzeit [ˈɡʁʏndɐˌt͡saɪ̯t]

Noun. Lit. Founder’s Era. A time during the second half of the 19th century where Austria (Austria-Hungary after 1867) became industrialized and under went unprecedented modernization and growth.

Word of the Week: Jause [‘jaʊ̯zə]

Noun. A snack, or a (usually cold) meal served in between the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner, although coffee and cake also qualifies. Orig...

Word of the Week: Bagage [baˈɡaːʃ]

Noun. Riffraff, reprobates, a group of people you generally hold a low opinion of. A loanword from French that made it into the Viennese ...

Measuring Corona Happiness | Money Isn’t Everything – But It Helps

Viennese waiters are legendary for their grumpiness, but studies show Austrians to be among the world’s happiest people. Can anyone believe the numbers?

Viennese Tourism is Fighting for Survival

Organizations and hotel businesses are vowing to save the city’s summer tourism with advertising campaigns directed at locals and guests from neighboring states.

Christo in Vienna

A chance encounter with Christo and Jeanne Claude, the artists who once planned to wrap up one of Vienna’s Flakturm in a giant gauze.

The End of the City Bikes?

The all-purpose workhorses of the inner city are the last remaining rental bikes in public spaces. But they could disappear soon, says sponsor Gewista. The reason is a dispute over financing.

Ending the Pandemic with Mass Testing

Austria under lockdown has done well controlling the spread of COVID -19. But the only way to return to normal is to track the cases and be able to control further spread.

Solar Roofs for All New Buildings in Vienna & a Turbocharged Climate Budget

A new city planning law stipulates that all new residential buildings in Vienna have to be built with solar collectors on the roof. Meanwhile, the federal government almost doubled funds for climate initiatives.

Help on the Way | A Vaccine for COVID-19

With an unprecedented world research effort, hopes are high for effective defense. With a global vaccination program, it may even be possible to eradicate this disease.

Home is where the Herz is

Understanding Vienna means understanding all the cultures that make up this diverse city. Vienna is home to people from over 180 nations. Metropole g...

Word of the Week: Bürgerschreck

Noun. Lit. "Terrorizer of the Bourgeoisie;" A person who deliberately tries to shock and offend the conservative middle classes with prov...

Pro & Con | Winter 2019

The Still of the Nightby Dardis McNameeSome come to Vienna wishing it were Rome or Madrid, bistro nights in Trestevere, or partying on t...

How to … Go to a Ball

By Claudia Paccosi and Dardis McNameeDecember skies weigh heavily in Vienna, relentless reminders of the months of gloom ahead. So, as autumn dul...

Angels in Sailor Suits

From imperial beginnings to a global audience, the world’s most famous boys’ choir is embracing diversity while maintaining its 500-year-old tradition.

Wien Modern III | Anything That Moves

I guess human beings will always pay attention to anything that moves. Or makes noise. In fact, I paid attention to people doing both for more than an...

Swarovski | Salt, Silver & Crystal

He lies there in silence, motion-, and emotionless. Eyes wide open, staring into the distance while a seemingly endless stream of silvery wa...

Millennials – A disrupted and disillusioned generation

Deloitte Global's eighth annual Millennial Survey found that, in the face of continuous technological and societal disruption, millennials and Gen Zs ...

Profile | Friedrich Schipper

“In war, culture is anything but irrelevant. Destroying someone’s cultural identity is just as painful as any physical wound.”Friedrich Schipper o...

Anna Karnitscher | Profiles

“Coffee culture is booming. Which also means that these days, we even have to compete with the fancy espresso machines people have at home.”Café W...

Profile | Danielle Spera

“If we read people’s memoirs of the buildings important Jews lived in, a lot of them do not exist anymore. We are trying to tell the stories of what h...

Inherit Your Future

INHERIT propels more sustainable lifestyles in Europe Confronted with unprecedented climate changes around the world—from sudden heatwaves to unexpe...

Profile | Sabine Haag

“Both the museum and UNESCO are peace missions: to stimulate discussion and bring people together towards a better understanding of the human conditio...

Culture Books | November

To Vienna, with Love In Kevin Wignall’s new thriller, Vienna takes the spotlight and steals the showWith a name like To Die in Vienna, Kevin ...

Culture Screen | November

Danse Macabre Visually spectacular, Luca Guadagnino’s reinterpretation of Suspiria is flawed but atmosphericThe threshold to womanhood might not ...

Brunnenmarkt | United We Eat

While Vienna’s inner districts will never lose their allure, Brunnenmarkt and its vibrant surroundings can offer an edgier alternative, providing a compelling and stimulating model of integration.

Culture Music | November

Mesmeric Metamusic Composer Olga Neuwirth creates magnificent soundscapes from apparent chaosFollowing one modernist paradigm in the fine arts ...

Metropole’s Top 5 Picks for Vienna Art Week 2018

As the annual Vienna Art Week rolls in again, the city fills to the brim with artists, with hundreds from around the world dropping by to open an exhi...

A Flatlander’s Lament

What is it like to have fear of heights in a mountainous country? Austrians have absolutely no understanding for this. So how to get over it? By sucki...

Kurz and Austria Rising

The Austrian chancellor as a mixture of Hitler and Mozart on the cover of Newsweek. Please relax! Leni Riefenstahl, the director and scriptwriter of...

Op-Ed | The Brexit Endgame

The outcome may indicate how the dialectic between supranationalism and nationalism will play out in much of the rest of the world. The United Kingdo...

Get the Hang of Wiener Schmäh

Schmäh may not be the first thing you notice when you arrive in Vienna. But it comes up soon enough In school, for example: My children were astonish...

Profiles | Gebrüder Moped

“Wiener Schmäh is maudlin, weepy, self-pitying, but also nostalgic, wistful, gemütlich and comforting.”If you really want to know what Wiener Schm...

Opinion | Déjà vu All Over Again

With the Neue Mittelschule, reformers tried one-size-fits-all – with dismal results. Education Minister Heinz Faßmann’s pragmatic approach deserves a ...