Karl Nehammer Presents Himself as Reliable Chancellor

The new chancellor Karl Nehammer also has confirmed that the coronavirus lockdown will end on the coming weekend. "The opening will take place". It was only a question of how.

Corruption Allegations Against EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn

The French newspaper "Liberation" raises serious allegations against Austria's EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP).

Sebastian Kurz Announces His Retreat From Political Life

Embattled former chancellor says he is stepping back from politics to spend time with his newborn; remains confident the ÖVP will continue to succeed.

Moscow Announced the First Meeting of Sergei Lavrov and Linhart

In an interview with the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, Linhart said that he was looking forward to getting to know his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov personally.

Minister Elisabeth Köstinger Invites Neighbouring Countries to Tourism Talks

"We all want a safe winter season for our guests, so joint regulations between the involved countries are necessary and sensible", said Minister for Tourism Elisabeth Koestinger.

Environmental Corruption in Styria: State Prosecutors to Investigate

Styrian authorities face allegations of environmental corruption: The businesses behind large-scale construction projects may have been allowed to write their own environmental impact reports.

Interior Minister Nehammer to Visit Israel

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) is due to meet with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid in Jerusalem, with whom he will visit the Knesset.

Low Public Trust in Media After Advert Affair, Says Survey

A survey conducted by the Gallup institute and the Medienhaus Vienna found that public trust in media has plummeted following recent political scandals.

Climate Crisis Needs Global Solutions, Says Schallenberg

When speaking about the climate crisis at the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow, Alexander Schallenberg reminded everyone that we all need to act together.

Should Bosnians Be Recognized as a Minority in Austria?

With 150,000 people of Bosnian descent in Austria, the community is one of the biggest of the country. Efforts are now underway to get Bosnian Austrians officially recognized by the law as an ethnic group.

NEOS Accuse The ÖVP of “Systemic Corruption”

The opposition NEOS party has accused the center-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) of "systemic corruption" following multiple scandals and the resignation of Sebastian Kurz as chancellor.

Austria To Launch Plastic Bottle Deposit System in 2025

The new "Einwegpfand" deposit system aims to encourage consumers to keep their disposable plastic bottles and cans out of the trash - but it won't begin until 2025.

Austrian Foreign Minister Plans to Stay the Course

According to interviews with several daily newspapers Austria's new Foreign Minister Michael Linhart of center-right Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) plans continuity in Austrian foreign policy.

Schallenberg and Merkel: Close Cooperation Planned with Berlin

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had exchanged "in a friendly atmosphere" on topical issues with regard to the European Council this week.

Why Were Austrian Kindergarten Employees On Strike?

Thousands of kindergarten teachers on strike this week said staff and children deserve better conditions - because early childhood education is education.

Foreign Minister Linhart Underlined Importance of EUFOR Mission in Sarajevo

Foreign Minister Linhart spoke out in favor of the EUFOR peacekeeping force remaining in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He also emphasized the "extremely important task" of the Austrian contingent.

Austrian Economy: Budget Plans Show Decreasing Debt and Deficit

Finance minister Gernot Bluemel announced momentum in the Austrian economy, and announced a return to "sustainable budget policy" after overcoming the corona crisis.

The Chats That Launched a Thousand Questions

In 2019, it was a secretly filmed video that broke the coalition between ÖVP and FPÖ. For the ÖVP-Green government, chats may spell the end of the coalition.

What’s Next in Austria’s Government Crisis

The Austrian government is on the brink of collapse following allegations of corruption against chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the ÖVP. Here’s what could come next.

Kurz Wants to Continue Coalition, Greens Skeptical

After the raids Wednesday, October 6, on ÖVP offices and allegations that favorable newspaper coverage was paid for with taxpayer money, the chancellor is under intense political pressure.

Vaccine Skeptics Join Upper Austrian Parliament

In the preliminary final results on Monday morning, the vaccine skeptics were set to join the Upper Austrian parliament with seven percent, while the...

Kurz Welcomes US Commitment to Multilateralism

After US president Joe Biden's speech at the UN General Debatein New York on Tuesday, Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), says he is pleased that the "US has made a clear commitment to multilateralism".

Kurz Wants to Support Italy in Tightening External European Borders

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) stands by his declared tough line on immigration, while Austria has in fact welcomed more refugees than almost any other European country in the last 10 years. Civil initiatives and the opposition see much room for improvement when it comes to the government’s migration and integration policy.

Herbert Kickl Takes Over Austria’s Far-Right FPÖ

Popular among party hardliners, the former interior minister and vocal Kurz critic assumes leadership following the sudden resignation of Norbert Hofer.

The Governing ÖVP Further Rocked by ÖBAG Scandal

Recovered chats reveal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Finance Minister Gernot Blümel’s involvement, previously denied, in the appointment of state holding CEO Thomas Schmid.

WKÖ and ÖGB Condemn “Easter Lockdown”

In a rare show of unity, the Austrian Economic Chambers and Trade Union Federation call the latest anti-COVID measures “not feasible” in a joint statement.

“The Hungary Model” – Illiberal Tactics for Weakening Independent Media

Press freedom in Central Europe is under renewed threat. Yet there are no systematic arrests of journalists as in Belarus or Turkey, less of the blatant acts of censorship common in Russia and few of the gruesome killings of reporters that are common in autocratic countries around the world. Instead, they are now following the Hungary model.

Mayday, Mayday! Austrian Democracy in Danger!

As criticism and corruption allegations pile up against his administration, the biggest cause for concern is Sebastian Kurz’s deliberate attempts to undermine the nation’s checks and balances.

EU to Issue COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Amid Sluggish Rollout

The European Commission is working on a digital certificate that will enable free travel. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is an advocate, despite Austria’s slow inoculation rate.

No More Hiding – Austria Set to Disclose State Information

If the measure passes, the Republic will dismantle its nearly 100-year-old Official Secrecy Laws – the last EU country to do so – and launch new measures increasing public insight into state operations.

Survey – A Discouraged Public Gives Coalition Poor Marks

A year after the start of the pandemic, trust in the government has plummeted to new lows, as frustrations mount amid evidence of a new ÖVP scandal.

Bavarian Borders, Tyrolean Tantrums

Concerns over virus mutations have led Germany to close its frontier to Tyrol, setting off traffic jams on the streets and brawls among top officials. Even Brussels has chimed in.

Arbitrary Authorities & Police Violence – A Fearsome Deportation

In the night of January 27-28, two girls born in Austria were deported with their mother to Georgia. To the surprise of the authorities, dozens of demonstrators turned up, including some prominent faces. An eyewitness report.

Austria Deports Children by Night, Triggering Outrage and Protests

Over the last few days, Austria’s immigration authorities have deported children from Lower Austria and Vienna to Armenia and Georgia. Most of them have spent the majority of their lives in Austria or were born here.

Austrian Insiders Arrested for Aiding Flight of Wirecard COO

Vienna police have taken a former FPÖ MP and BVT-security head in custody for assisting the escape of Jan Marsalek, mastermind of one of Europe’s greatest postwar financial scandals.

How Austria Plans to Support Its Schools & Artists

With schools in distance learning until February and cultural institutions closed perhaps through March, the government is stepping up support measures.

Church and State – No Prayers Please, We’re Austrian

An invitation to a prayer breakfast in the Parlament managed to offend almost everyone, Christians and secularists alike. It also raised the specter of a far darker time.

Grasser Found Guilty in a Tale of Insider Bidding and Bags of Cash

The Austrian Republic's longest corruption trial ended sensationally. If it has ended. Ex Finance Minister Karl-Heinz Grasser and close friends have been found guilty and sentenced to prison.

“Social, Brave, Humane, Sustainable” – Red-Pink Make Its Debut in Vienna

Following three weeks of intense negotiations, the Vienna’s SPÖ and NEOS have presented a 212-page coalition program for their administration. Here are the most important takeaways.

The Ugly Truth Behind Vienna’s Terrorist Attack – Blind Bureaucracy and Clumsy Management

Investigations surrounding the Jihadist attack in Vienna’s inner city have revealed hiccups in the Austrian secret service and shed new light on the country’s large extremist scene.

Muslim Community Condemns Church Break-Ins

Attacks by young Islamists at Antonskirche and Stephansdom prompted strong rebuke from the IGGÖ: “We condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms.”

Jihadist Terror Attack in Vienna’s First District

On Monday evening, at least one ISIS “sympathizer” attacked diners sitting outside in the inner city. Four civilians and one gunman were killed, and 22 others injured, some severely. Police are still looking for possible accomplices. This is a developing story.

Multilingualism: Treasure or Burden? Probably Both.

Conflict over remedial German classes in schools continues, as politicians, experts and teachers debate how best to support children with poor language skills.

“Austria can manage this. Together.”

On Austria’s National Day, October 26, 2020, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen addressed Austrians and “all people living in our country” with a calm plea for reasons, fortitude and unity.
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