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Fucking, Austria, Wants Now to Be Called Fugging

The Upper Austrian village has had people steal their name sign and Pornhub giving them premium access due to its peculiar name. Now, the city council voted to change it once and for all.

Austria Had One Police Tomcat – and It Ran Away

The tomcat was "hired" to chase away mice in the stables of the new police horses in the Military Academy Wiener Neustadt – but apparently, Austria’s ...

This Month’s Weird News

Check out this month's odd and outrageous news stories! Used Kitchen Ad Comes with Mysogonist Quip. Viennese humor can easily be lost on non-German ...

Weird News | June 2018

FOREIGN DOGS, KEEP OUT! Gottfried Waldhäusl, FPÖ state councilor for Lower Austria, expressed concerns over dogs with a migrant background while disc...
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