According to a proposal recently published by media outlet Népszava, the Hungarian federal government will neither request nor approve any EU-financed projects in Budapest for the next eight years. This would be a radical departure, as every major d...
osce önal
Vienna is the unobtrusive hub of a major force for world peace: The OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) covers a broad spectrum of arms control, human rights, mass migration and freedom of the press. In practice this means min...
indian fusion restaurant
In-Dish brings tradition and trends together, creating progressive Indian flavors.
skiing near Vienna
Skiing near Vienna. Thankfully, in Austria, powdered slopes are never far away! All the resorts mentioned are within two driving hours outside of town, so perfect for skiing near Vienna. Some are relatively big and even include fun parks, while other...
Wien modern
Michael Hersch treats his audience to an 11-hour concert at Wien Modern
The basic tenets of the program are and remain, according to Kurz: no new debt, a lower tax burden and the fight against illegal immigration.
The 46-page SPÖ manifesto focuses on health, work, education, infrastructure and protecting the climate – but also contains some bold policy proposals.
The FPÖ’s manifesto is thus a mix of praising the measures taken over the last two years and promises to go further.
the party’s 80-pages manifesto focuses on protecting the climate and sustainability, alongside long-term NEOS topics such as education, a pension reform and more transparency for parties and state authorities.