The Social Democrats (SPÖ) unveiled their election campaign platform – which is full of promises: from a higher minimum wage (€1700) to shorter work days.
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Election campaigns for the National Assembly are in full swing, but the fallout continues for the far-right Freedom Party (FPĂ–) and Novomatic. As Metropole covered last week, these are alleged to have done a dirty deal relating to Casinos Austria (CA...
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Art collector and Billionaire Heidi Horten has been sending large amounts of cash every month while evading Austrian Court of Audit.
Local government announces plans for climate-friendly construction hoping to curb the devastating effects of climate change.
Taking the train for the summer holidays is becoming trendy again – and Austrian cities are again serving as international hubs, just as in times gone by.
In response to condescending treatment of an award-winning young novelist, many take to twitter to turn the tables and reveal sexist attitudes that often pass unremarked.
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Two popular Viennese venues are on the verge of bankruptcy, losing customers to “hot summers” and a misreading of the market.
The Austrian economy is a job-creation machine for the entire region and remains unruffled by slowing global growth.
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The company’s social media team triumphs over a wave of angry male-user comments