No matter how well you speak German, these words will impress any Viennese.
Fifty years ago, construction started on Vienna’s subway network. The Wiener Linien celebrate the joyous occasion with perfumed wagons, a refurbished U4, and a video straight out of the 80s. We celebrate with a quiz that tells you your U-Bahn type...
From sports on its shores to a Hugo on the canal, the Danube is much more than Vienna’s Riviera.
U-Bahn Wien
This year we get a refurbished U4, perfumed and a video straight out of the 80s. Astonishing progress for a subway network that first broke ground 50 years ago.
The Austrian Red Cross has called for a law to be lifted that requires a medical doctor to be present at blood drives; the Medical Chamber disagrees
Electric scooters offer a fast and affordable means to zip around town – but as with other new tech, there are growing pains.
The movie "Ramen Shop" celebrates food and family – emphasis on the food.
Austrian election
With the votes of the SPĂ–, FPĂ– and JETZT, the Nationalrat (National Council) has decided to reform the funding of political parties.
A caller’s threat to the Altstadt in Innsbruck on Wednesday led to a wide-ranging evacuation and shootout between the alleged caller and police.