The massacre in a New Zealand mosque has detonated an explosive debate in Austria: The gunman had contributed to a Vienna-based nationalist group with multiple connections to the FPÖ, junior partner in the present coalition government. “The first major crisis” headlined the centrist daily Die Presse April 6.  Reference was to a very public rift […]
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On May 21, President Alexander Van der Bellen addressed the Austrian population directly in a speech on current political developments.
menstrual cup
The company’s social media team triumphs over a wave of angry male-user comments
driver-assistance systems
The death of a nine-year old child hit by a truck on the way to school January 31, has led to public pressure for mandatory electronic driver-assistance systems on heavy vehicles. With 69,100 signatures, a petition by the initiative “Saving Lives ...
After 13 years and €500 million in cost overruns, the new hi-tech Krankenhaus Nord will open in June, integrating and upgrading services from around the city. That a “consciousness consultant” could be paid €95,000 to envelope the site in a positive energy field was perhaps a measure of the absurdities that have accompanied the project […]
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Vienna Police Brutality at FridaysforFuture demos
Officers captured on video striking activists has brought recriminations, reviews and uproar on social media.
paternity leave austria
Papamonat? In recent months, there has been much discussion surrounding this topic by the Austrian media after Social Minister Beate Hartinger-Klein (FPÖ) made a promise to grant statutory paternity leave to all fathers. In Austria, paternity leav...
students at the university library - Ethics will now join religious studies in the Austrian junior and senior high school curricula
A 2000 year old religion long at the heart of the established power structure can sit uneasily in a 100-year-old modern republic – with the balance of values particularly thorny in the public schools. At the hand of Education Minister Heinz Faßman...
Three mainstream parties and two and a half smaller ones are competing to represent Austria in the EU parliament. The left-right divide is there, but here the nationalists want to bend Europe, not leave it. It’s the run up to EU election day May 26th, and the city’s streets are full of campaign posters. Recent […]
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