Secret documents reveal plans for a car bomb attack on the former Vice-Chancellor; Investigations are now underway.
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Chancellor Sebastian Kurz speaking at a conference amidst the overhaul of SA.
Recent government moves appear to be aimed at restricting official data collection and distribution. The opposition sees this as unwarranted interference/meddling with public information The Austrian government has announced plans for a major over...
Tax Reform
The new tax reform aims to ease the burden on low-income households while reducing bureaucracy to attract investment. Despite the catchy slogan “Simply Less Tax”, execution seems far from simple. Reports of the Austrian Government’s new tax reform have flooded local media in the weeks surrounding its announcement by the Turquoise-Blue coalition on April 30. […]
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On May 21, President Alexander Van der Bellen addressed the Austrian population directly in a speech on current political developments.
The reappearance of apex predators in the alps have some calling for a cull; but environmentalists decry the “scaremongering” and call for more electric fences.
The Austrian economy is a job-creation machine for the entire region and remains unruffled by slowing global growth.
menstrual cup
The company’s social media team triumphs over a wave of angry male-user comments
Under pressure from Federal Culture Minister Gernot Blümel, Vienna’s controversial Heumarkt project was suddenly called off late Sunday (Mar 17), delayed for at least two years, pending further discussion and possible redesign. The decision follo...
Tanks, military
Military convoys carrying thousands of soldiers will be crossing Austria on their way to join U.S.-led exercises in the Balkans – but traffic precautions are in place.