Vienna is home to one of the biggest Feldenkrais spaces in Europe, with a dedicated multilingual team working under the guidance of Educational Director Donna Ray from California.

Who Lives, Who Dies

Last week, a woman in her mid-50s stood before the Vienna Regional Court because she assisted in the death of her partner. She says he would have wanted it that way. 
A move once promised by ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Parliament is now driving the issue.
Max Zirngast
Austrian journalist Max Zirngast was acquitted of all charges at a court in Ankara, Turkey
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Vienna ranked most livable city in the world – with homicides declining, too.
With parliamentary elections less than four weeks away, parties put forward their ideas.
survival guide
Metropole adds another title to its Survival Guide series this November – this time, we tackle education in Austria. Here, an excerpt from the introduction.
YouTube cracks down on controversial and racist videos, including from Identitäre Bewegung’s (Identitarian Movement) Martin Sellner.
Yuval Adler’s The Operative goes for realism, but too often, it’s its own worst enemy.