no longer Europe's ash tray, Austria's smoking ban
With the FPÖ gone, the ÖVP pushes for controversial law in bars and restaurants
Tanks, military
Military convoys carrying thousands of soldiers will be crossing Austria on their way to join U.S.-led exercises in the Balkans – but traffic precautions are in place.
Chancellor Sebastian Kurz speaking at a conference amidst the overhaul of SA.
Recent government moves appear to be aimed at restricting official data collection and distribution. The opposition sees this as unwarranted interference/meddling with public information The Austrian government has announced plans for a major over...
Francis Fukuyama
Stanford political scientist Francis Fukuyama was in Vienna in early March to talk about the global crisis of democracy. Gaining world fame for his “End of History” thesis following the collapse of communism, he has gone from a standard-bearer for neo-conservatism to voting for Barack Obama in 2008. In his new book “Identity: the demand […]
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EU elections for European Parliament
As the EU elects its Parliament in May 2019, political groups seek a clear identity along with a changing continent. It is a rainy Friday night, and Ulises is sitting with his girlfriend Laura at a winebar at the Naschmarkt in Vienna. Ulisesis from Madrid and Laura from Vienna, where both of them live and […]
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In a press conference Monday afternoon, Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) outlined his plans for "Sicherungshaft," a legal change that would allow preventative detention for refugees deemed to pose a danger to Austrian society by the gov...
Kurz meets Trump
Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz described his meeting with United States president Donald Trump Wednesday as “very disputatious” in an interview with ORF’s Armin Wolf. Kurz flew to Washington D.C. earlier this week in order to meet with Trump, becoming the first Austrian chancellor in 13 years to receive an invitation to the White House, at […]
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paternity leave austria
The Papamonat (paternity leave) has been a PR coup for the present government.   After long opposing a new fathers' right to take a month off work, the ruling conservative parties have signed it into law to huge popular acclaim. “A father’s involv...
Following the rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit plan by a devastating majority of 230 votes in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister (PM) had to face a vote of no-confidence. May welcomed the decision saying, “the house has spoken and the governme...