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December/January 2017/2018


ali rabbani favorite things december
If there is one bit of nostalgia that foreigners and tourists associate with Austria: It’s the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music, made popular by the 1965 film starring Julie Andrews. We dedicate this month to those gift-giving expats for whom these favorite things awaken memories of childhood. This idyllic town was founded because of the rich salt resources and became famous for its enchanting location, so much so that the Chinese made a carbon copy back home. We would wait here for winter...
vintage wine vienna
The unique qualities of older vintages aren’t apparent, so let an expert’s insight guide you. Old wines hold a certain mystery. With their dusty labels, shelved away in chilly cellars, their allure is in the rediscovery. Like a message in a bottle (quite literally), the value of the contents has as much to do with its transformation as with the...
Vintage Frameshore
For this issue, we chose two shops that will give your home some nostalgic air, and if you haven’t settled yet, there’s a new place called Oliver that makes feeling at home a cinch. OLIVER* To feel like you’ve arrived in a new city, the main thing is to feel at home there. At Oliver the apartments and studios are designed...
brands vienna
Our memories are sugarcoated. The games we played, the clothes we wore, how we got from point A to B make us feel like a kid again. MADRID SKATEBOARDS Long before the character Max Mayfield, from “Stranger Things 2” made Madrid Skateboards famous with Netflix audiences, the Californian company was well known in the skateboard industry. Jerry Madrid, who founded the company in 1976 in...
bassena meaning
To be truly integrated in Vienna there are certain terms no dictionary or Deutschkurs will properly explain. But you’re no stranger, so here’s this month’s cheat sheet. BASSENA Noun. Orig., either French basin or Italian bacino, both meaning basin;a communal water tap with an enamel sink located on the landing of an Altbau (old apartment building, generally pre-WWI). In times past, running water...
Yoga Vienna
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Travel Kinderhotels
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joseph brot vienna
Producing handmade organically sourced bagels the traditional way is a labor of love: It takes three days just to make the dough and another four to give them that satisfying crunch while keeping the inside pleasantly smooth. But Josef Weghaupt, founder of the Joseph Brot bakeries, feels it’s worth it, opening a Bagelmanufaktur (bagel factory) right on Albertinaplatz. Weghaupt entered his...
In the ornate Palais Todesco, right across from the Vienna State Opera, Gerstner hosts a Viennese Sunday brunch that will wow visitors and locals alike. Guests enjoy a choice selection of Viennese cuisine surrounded by gilded moldings and historic ceiling frescos, grand fire places and detailed wood paneling in its restaurant on the second floor. From 11:00 to 14:00, guests can enjoy a delicious appetizer buffet with cuts of veal tenderloin, Volcano ham and crab salad. Main courses are prepared fresh by Gerstner’s chefs...