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readers december 2017
Many thanks for your thoughts, ideas and insights! If you have something to say about Vienna or a story you read here, tell us all about it. Send an email to office@metropole.at.Dear Metropole staff,(In response to several Facebook posts regarding Metropole in various expat social media groups)We’ve been Metropole subscribers for over a year now – actually since we...
Irony Perloff
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Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein’s nephew explores the icon’s love for the city of Beethoven, Brahms and Mahler and how it helped him overcome Austria’s Nazi past.Mounted outside Vienna’s Konzerthaus entrance is a bronze plaque displaying the profile of Gustav Mahler. Its inscription marks the date – June 3, 1945 – when “the art of this great musician” – banned as “degenerate”...
future ai
Can we control the spread of AI and robots into every aspect of our lives?Sophia has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia; she has been a star guest on the “Tonight Show” and her patented “frubber” face has been on the cover of Elle magazine. Speaking at the International Broadcasting Convention in September, her creator David Hanson promised to...
Harri Stojka
Viennese music legend Harri Stojka looks ahead at 60There’s very little certainty in the life and career of an artist. Musical trends and creative triumphs come and go, and so do most musicians’ fortunes. In a career spanning more than four decades, Viennese guitar virtuoso Harri Stojka has found a way to stay relevant even as others around him...
whole life
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white rabbit red rabbit vienna
Nassim Soleimanpour has traveled the world without leaving his native Iran. Vienna’s Spektakel theater reserved a first row seat for the playwright, but it was empty during the performance of his maiden experimental play, White Rabbit Red Rabbit. Yet Soleimanpour was there.To solve this riddle, it helps to know that during the first two years of the play’s worldwide...
'tis the season to drink outdoors at Vienna’s ChristkindlmärkteTraditions can be tricky; not everything our ancestors did is worth keeping alive. Austria’s holiday season is no exception, the Krampusläufe (Krampus runs) on December 5 often provoking controversy. With young men dressing up as Kramperl (an infernal sidekick of St. Nicolas) and terrorizing naughty children, this traditional chastisement sometimes gets out of hand. But one local tradition stands...
emotion nostalgia
Science is coming to grips with a complex emotion that was once dismissed as sentimental or downright pathological.It was a way to survive: “We used our memories to temporarily alter our perception of the state we were in. It was not a solution. But the temporary change in perception allowed you to persevere just a bit longer,” a concentration...