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December/January 2017/2018


photoshoot nostalgia
We retreat into nostalgia for comfort, for the feeling of being in a time period that is better than the present.We project meaning, romance and allure onto objects and settings in an attempt to flee our uncomfortable realities.For the nostalgia issue, we visited one of Vienna’s most treasured small theaters, the Ateliertheater. Opened on the Naschmarkt in 1932, it didn’t make it to its current location on Burggasse until 1999. So all the...
cultural amnesia
The exuberance of the early 2000s has given way to mistrust, but catastrophe can be avoided if we keep a close eye on the pastIn 2007, Australian literary critic Clive James published an extraordinary collection of portrait essays on the thinkers of the 20th century that had shaped his intellectual life. Called Cultural Amnesia – Notes in the Margin...
austrian media november
A quick-and-dirty synopsis of last month’s headlines in ViennaCoalition Talks Proceed, Parliament AssemblesSebastian Kurz, leader of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), has invited the Freedom Party (FPÖ) to coalition talks following his victory at the national election on October 15. The Social Democrats, of outgoing chancellor Christian Kern, vowed to go into opposition after a short meeting of...
brands vienna
Our memories are sugarcoated. The games we played, the clothes we wore, how we got from point A to B make us feel like a kid again.MADRID SKATEBOARDSLong before the character Max Mayfield, from “Stranger Things 2” made Madrid Skateboards famous with Netflix audiences, the Californian company was well known in the skateboard industry. Jerry Madrid, who founded the company in 1976 in...
Yoga Vienna
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Austrian Bureaucracy
Beamter: Check out any decent dictionary and it will show a string of translations – official, clerk, functionary, civil servant etc. – none of which do justice to the soul of that mystical creature, the Austrian bureaucratOlder arrivals will remember the Stempelmarken, amusing now, irritating then. The game was as follows: You’re in line to get some papers fixed....
readers december 2017
Many thanks for your thoughts, ideas and insights! If you have something to say about Vienna or a story you read here, tell us all about it. Send an email to office@metropole.at.Dear Metropole staff,(In response to several Facebook posts regarding Metropole in various expat social media groups)We’ve been Metropole subscribers for over a year now – actually since we...
Irony Perloff
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Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein’s nephew explores the icon’s love for the city of Beethoven, Brahms and Mahler and how it helped him overcome Austria’s Nazi past.Mounted outside Vienna’s Konzerthaus entrance is a bronze plaque displaying the profile of Gustav Mahler. Its inscription marks the date – June 3, 1945 – when “the art of this great musician” – banned as “degenerate”...