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Monday, July 16, 2018
Gerstner Director Oliver Braun
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Vintage Frameshore
For this issue, we chose two shops that will give your home some nostalgic air, and if you haven’t settled yet, there’s a new place called Oliver that makes feeling at home a cinch.OLIVER*To feel like you’ve arrived in a new city, the main thing is to feel at home there. At Oliver the apartments and studios are designed...
Steel, glass, concrete and marble.The design of most modern office buildings – while elegant and sophisticated – can feel cold and impersonal. Receptionists hide behind large desks and people don’t talk to each otherToday's Work Environment Needs to be Different A study by futurologist Winston Brill shows that 98% of innovations happen through social interaction, outside of meetings. Distance is...
whole life
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white rabbit red rabbit vienna
Nassim Soleimanpour has traveled the world without leaving his native Iran. Vienna’s Spektakel theater reserved a first row seat for the playwright, but it was empty during the performance of his maiden experimental play, White Rabbit Red Rabbit. Yet Soleimanpour was there.To solve this riddle, it helps to know that during the first two years of the play’s worldwide...
Alma Mahler Vienna
Founded this year by young professional musicians from all over Europe, the Alma Mahler Kammerorchester celebrates music without borders while deconstructing chamber music from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as contemporary classical works.More intimate than full orchestral symphonies, chamber music was initially intended for home performances by anywhere between 3 and 40 musicians, enticing with a subtlety...
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city guide vienna december january
A new collection of local hot spots and events to discover! To advertise please contact ads@metropole.atMINA & LOLA FAMILY CONCEPT STORE If you’re looking for design and quality, look no further than this family concept store. At Mina & Lola you’ll find exceptional brands from Italy, Iceland and London, real eye-catchers that set themselves apart and are made from organic...
Bermudadreieck Vienna
Ominously named after the mysterious navigational hazard that allegedly claims countless vessels in the Caribbean, Vienna’s Bermudadreieck (Bermuda Triangle) is an adventure, particularly on weekendsThe jocular nickname for the area between Schwedenplatz, Marc-Aurel-Strasse, Hoher Markt and Rabensteig was coined during the 1980s, based on tales of students and party animals who might disappear there for days and afterwards claim...