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spelunke vienna
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whole life
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Irony Perloff
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loving vincent movie
Loving Vincent recreates van Gogh’s artwork in animated oil paintings If painters express themselves through their art, biographers are at a disadvantage: they may capture the person, but their message might prove harder. Unless, of course, you make that message the medium. Loving Vincent, a new take on the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, manages just that by...
vintage movie theatres vienna
Vienna’s vintage movie theatres endure and thrive with niche programming. Cinema is a young medium, around for just over a century. But it’s made up for it with nostalgia. Self-referential and prone to looking back, some of the greatest films are about cinema itself, like Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard, Giuseppe Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso or Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. And since it’s...
wait until dark vienna
Home invasions and darkness are two of our most primal fears – and excellent ingredients for a great thriller, as Frederick Knott succinctly proves in his play Wait Until Dark. Famously adapted for the screen in 1967 with Audrey Hepburn, the plot is fast-paced (and somewhat convoluted), culminating in criminals Mike (Chris Polick) and Croker (Simon Lloyd) intimidating blind housewife...
margaret cho vienna
Blunt and fearless, Margaret Cho is a real groundbreaker in her field of comedy, getting a rise from audiences since exploding on stage in the early 1990s. Tirelessly taking on controversial subjects with scathing observations has become her trademark, as well as criticizing current affairs. Recently named one of the 50 best stand-up comedians by Rolling Stone magazine, she has...
white rabbit red rabbit vienna
Nassim Soleimanpour has traveled the world without leaving his native Iran. Vienna’s Spektakel theater reserved a first row seat for the playwright, but it was empty during the performance of his maiden experimental play, White Rabbit Red Rabbit. Yet Soleimanpour was there. To solve this riddle, it helps to know that during the first two years of the play’s worldwide...
Polaroid project
Predating Instagram by several decades, Polaroid’s instant photographs were a hit from the mid-20th century up to the digital revolution, fitting all darkroom procedures inside the camera and promising the “60-second excitement.” While never displacing conventional film, artists and consumers alike loved the spontaneity of the format, with the 1970s-era SX-70 in particular defining the technology everyone had to try...