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February 2017

City of Spies: Vienna Confidential

Editorial when in winterland
We’re now well into winter. The last cinnamon breath of Christmas is a distant memory, and the glimmering promise of spring is still too distant to cling to Though the grey days are getting gradually, doggedly longer – we’re still encircled by a frigid, icy expanse. OK, perhaps us expats, depending on where we’re from, tend: a) to talk about the weather...
The Markterei Lindy hops onto the after-work bandwagon with their new evening event, Tanzerei The historic grand hall of the Alte Post (Old Post Office) looked like a scene from a musical, its green, cast-iron pillars framing couples twirling about madly as the industrial-age glass roof reverberated with swing music. I hadn’t even had the chance to take off my jacket...
Austrian politics
Amid the erosion of the political center, little Austria may be the unlikely champion to stem the surge of the far right If there is anything worse than the deluge of daily disaster stories, it is the torrent of op-eds bemoaning the rise of the toxic “isms” – variously populism, nativism, exceptionalism, chauvinism, radicalism, nationalism – generally right-wing isms, largely...


Vivid color, audacious dance moves and spirited show tunes define a genre making a modern comeback Hot on the heels of La La Land’s box office and critical success, the Gartenbaukino is hosting a retrospective of golden age musicals showcasing the significant influences on Damien Chazelle’s latest film. Predecessors of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling transport their audiences twirling and soft-shoeing...
On the Menu
The new Neapolitan-style pizzeria Via Toledo entices with a Valoriani oven and lots of southern cordiality Vienna has its fair share of ristorante italiani, particularly in the 8th district, where pizza, pasta and other delicacies from our southern neighbor confront you at every turn. Via Toledo, the latest entry into the game, is named after an ancient street in the...
editor's letter
You won’t read about it in the tourist brochures. They don’t allocate any of the marketing budget to it. But still, the visitors know. And the locals are proud of it:  Vienna is the city of spies. Personally, I’d always seen espionage as a part of Vienna’s past. I had the image of the post-war black market from The Third...
Ahhh, Vienna! It’s the city of Gemütlichkeit, semi-precious neutrality, badly and well-kept secrets as well as the go-to location for the odd diplomatic or spy-related kerfuffle. We felt the city should have the last word on its own secrets. Get out your magnifying glass and enjoy!

How to be a Spy

be a spy
Are you cut out for 00 status? Improve your combat skills, polish your manners, and become wine, poker and dance floor savvy. It could just save your life In America, spies in trench coats are usually bugging your office and listening in on your phone calls. In Britain, her majesty’s secret servants are busy codebreaking between rounds of cricket. In Vienna,...