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May 2018

Austria’s love affair with good food

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On the cusp of summer, dress like an empress, chillax like a lord and drink a liquid homage to the Käsekrainer. by Lisanne Brouwer and Lana Sharp Imperial Shop Vienna Even the most temperate Viennese cannot help but occasionally muse about what life was like for an emperor or empress. Luckily, the Imperial Shop Vienna, recently opened next to the Hofburg Info...
This May in Vienna, the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) will be tackling one of the most pressing challenges we face today: finding ways to fuel prosperity while countering climate change. May 14, 2018, political and business leaders, representatives from the UN and other international organizations, academics and energy experts will meet for the Vienna Energy Forum at the Vienna...
There’s so much good television on streaming websites, to say nothing of the films. It’s impossible to keep track of what is worth your while. Use those rare May evenings spent inside to binge funny, thought-provoking and incredible shows. Family/Animation Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter Astrid Lindgren’s timeless and belovedchildren’s novel about the only child of abandit chief growing up among a clan...
For centuries, Austria’s military was the structure that held a sprawling collection of multi-ethnic territories together, perhaps a European Union before its time. It was 1315 and a crispy cold November day in the rugged mountains of the Swiss canton of Zug. A Habsburg force of 9,000 men led by Duke Leopold I in person was on a punitive expedition...
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The Vienna Theatre Project production explores the limits of friendship in a witty and intimate performance. When low-rank Imperial Guard Humayun carefully but eagerly turns around at the crack of dawn to see the Taj Mahal for the the first time, he is so taken with its beauty he thinks the moon has fallen. Little does he know he will...
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In their anthem, Czechs wistfully praise the beauty of their land. And indeed, from orchards decked in spring's array to technological prowess bustling away, Czechia may truly be a magic garden in the heart of Central Europe.
Czechia has experienced hard times and a spectacular comeback. In the border regions, all this is magnified. by Luboš Kreč & Benjamin Wolf You would be hard-pressed to find two such different villages as Horní Blatná and Doubice. And yet, they have so much in common. Less than 200 kilometers apart, along the craggy ranges of the Ore Mountains and passes between, both towns are framed by the breathtaking sandstone rocks of...
It takes all types to build a Republic. We give a voice to people from different backgrounds and generations who shaped and continue to shape Czechia. by Martin Ehl & Luboš Kreč