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Spring, 2020

Inside the U.S. Pentagon’s Funding for Foundational Research in Austria – and the Fight to End It

The U.S. Pentagon funds critical studies in medicine and quantum physics in Austria. Does this threaten the country’s neutrality or academic freedom?
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Meet Nuno Maulide, Star Chemist & Learned Concert Pianist With a Mission

“I tell my students, ‘I can get your foot in the door, but then you have to open it.’ I’m the kind of person who once I get my foot in, I will bang that door down.”

Meet Jenny Reddish, Storyteller of Our Age

“You could attach significance to any moment in history. Right now people are saying ‘Things are really changing’ – it’s about a search for meaning.”

Meet Gerhard Hirczi, Vienna’s Head Hunter

No stranger to challenges, the general manager of the Vienna Business Agency, Gerhard Hirczi is placing the city’s assets front and center.

Let the Great Minds of Vienna Stay Humble

Our publisher Margaret Childs introduces our spring issue, which is all about research, development, innovation and science – we present the Minds of Vienna.