Insect Burger Patties Coming Soon to Austrian Supermarkets

Insects provide a climate-friendly, high-protein alternative to meat – and producers are betting that ever more consumers will bite in response to the latest buzz.

Why Were Austrian Kindergarten Employees On Strike?

Thousands of kindergarten teachers on strike this week said staff and children deserve better conditions - because early childhood education is education.

Foreign Minister Linhart Underlined Importance of EUFOR Mission in Sarajevo

Foreign Minister Linhart spoke out in favor of the EUFOR peacekeeping force remaining in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He also emphasized the "extremely important task" of the Austrian contingent.

Austrian Economy: Budget Plans Show Decreasing Debt and Deficit

Finance minister Gernot Bluemel announced momentum in the Austrian economy, and announced a return to "sustainable budget policy" after overcoming the corona crisis.

Ludovic Ferrière, Vienna’s Interplanetary Explorer

International scientist and curator of the acclaimed meteorite collection at Vienna's Natural History Museum, Ludovic Ferrière is bringing the wonder of shooting stars to the public.

The Chats That Launched a Thousand Questions

In 2019, it was a secretly filmed video that broke the coalition between ÖVP and FPÖ. For the ÖVP-Green government, chats may spell the end of the coalition.

What’s Next in Austria’s Government Crisis

The Austrian government is on the brink of collapse following allegations of corruption against chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the ÖVP. Here’s what could come next.

Kurz Wants to Continue Coalition, Greens Skeptical

After the raids Wednesday, October 6, on ÖVP offices and allegations that favorable newspaper coverage was paid for with taxpayer money, the chancellor is under intense political pressure.

The Black Box of Media Funding in Austria

Print media received unprecedented public advertising during the pandemic, but a lack of transparency raises questions about how taxpayers’ money is being spent.

“Red Box” Offers Free Tampons and Pads

Hit by "period poverty"? The Vienna pilot project "Red Box" seeks to offset the financial burden of menstrual hygiene on poor people.

Austria’s Eco-Social Tax Reform Promises “Climate Bonus”

The government's new eco-social tax reform has not exactly been received with enthusiasm by NGOs. As of July 1, 2022, Austrians will pay additional taxes for their CO2 emissions.

Porr Fined 62 Million Euros, Highest Cartel Fine in History

The Austrian federal competition authority (BWB) has fined the Austrian construction giant, Porr, 62.35 million euros over cartel violations.

President Van der Bellen to Visit Auschwitz

President Alexander Van der Bellen will be taking part in the opening of a new Austrian national exhibition at the state museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Vaccine Skeptics Join Upper Austrian Parliament

In the preliminary final results on Monday morning, the vaccine skeptics were set to join the Upper Austrian parliament with seven percent, while the...

28 People Injured in Tour Bus Crash in Styria

The travel bus, which was carrying a group of pensioners from Lower Austria province hit a truck on a slight left curve, tipped over, and fell sideways.

Nuclear Power Not Sustainable, Says Gewessler in EU Dispute

Climate Minister Leonore Gewessler has presented a legal report stating that nuclear power must not be ranked as green and sustainable energy in the EU.

EU Infringement Proceedings Against Austria Over Terrorism

The EU guidelines on combating terrorism have punishments and sanctions for terrorism-related crimes as well as special regulations for victims. Aside from Austria, the EU Commission was also suing Finland, Croatia, and Luxembourg.

21st “Long Night of Museums” With 640 Institutions

This year, the “Long Night of Museums” ("Lange Nacht der Museen") counts with 640 institutions and takes place on October 2, from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Officials Present Corona Regulations for Winter Tourism

The new Corona regulations for the winter season include few restrictions for those who are vaccinated or recovered – but decidedly tight controls for those who are not.

First Ischgl Lawsuit for COVID-19 Damages Filed

More than a year after the Ischgl outbreak the first lawsuit was brought before the civil court last Friday. The widow and son of a 72-year-old jo...

ORF Bosses – 13 New Directors at the Austrian Public Broadcaster

Under the designated ORF general director Roland Weissmann, ORF III managing director Eva Schindlauer will be the new finance director, ORF III chief...

Households Pay More Than Economy for CO2 Emissions in Austria

The conservative People's Party (VP) and the Greens are currently discussing the eco-tax reform, which is aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. A CO2 tax ...

The Ultimate Guide to Cursing in Vienna

Sneak off, You Arse Violin! The Viennese pride themselves in being a culture of misanthropic complainers. A society of the dissatisfied, oblivious...

Visitor from Space: Kindberg Meteorite Found

A meteorite was found in Styria eight months after a green fireball descended over Austria. One of only eight-such discoveries for the country, the find will be displayed at Vienna’s Natural History Museum.

Kurz Wants to Support Italy in Tightening External European Borders

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) stands by his declared tough line on immigration, while Austria has in fact welcomed more refugees than almost any other European country in the last 10 years. Civil initiatives and the opposition see much room for improvement when it comes to the government’s migration and integration policy.

Michael Häupl and The Spirit of Spritzwein

Michael Häupl is a living legend. He shares his thoughts on his 24 years as mayor, Vienna’s culinary trinity, staying authentic, and why a Weiß g’spritzt is the best choice.

Austria Set to Issue Green Bonds in 2022

A new form of investment intended to bankroll sustainable projects and help the country meet its environmental goals, projects are myriad – but international standards remain murky.

What the New Austrian School Year Brings

As students return to school across Austria, new rules aim to keep them safe. Here’s all you need to know about the coronavirus rules and what other innovations await pupils

Caution: Horses at Work

In the shaded Fürichgasse by the Albertina, a Fiakerfahrer describes his life with his matched greys, and his frustrations with critics, “who don’t know horses.”

Home Is Where You Grow Up

... without forgetting your roots. From facts to real lives – the tales of a guest worker family coming to Austria and how the generations and a migration biography evolved.

Afghan Ambassador to Austria: “This will set our country back a century.”

Editor’s note: A few days before Kabul fell to the Taliban, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Austria, Manizha Bakhtari, agreed to an interview with Metropole, answering pre-approved questions in writing, under the condition that none touched upon deportations.

Austria Introduces New Measures After a Surge in Cases

The government is once again tightening coronavirus measures after the relative summer calm, bracing the country for a potential fourth wave after the number of Covid-19 infections nears 1,000 new cases per day.

MA 35 Official: “We don’t pick up the phones.”

Vienna’s MA 35 is responsible for immigration and citizenships. Now, an anonymous official has shared an account of how dysfunctional and gridlocked the office has become.

Guide to Vienna’s Beaches and Swimming Pools

It will be a summer like no other. This year due to Corona, many Viennese will opt to spend a good part of their holiday in the city. Lucky for us, there are few better places for relaxing in the shade and swimming in pools or rivers than Vienna.

The Wonder Women of the Wiener Werkstätte

The MAK rolls out a long overdue red carpet for the women artists of the Wiener Werkstätte, shining a light on their contributions to its legacy.

Danube Limes Now Listed as a World Heritage Site

After almost 20 years of transnational cooperation, the ruins of the ancient Roman frontier fortifications along the Danube are now recognized by UNESCO as sites of particular cultural value.

Austria Introduces a New ID Card

The new Personalausweis will have three different security levels and new features like a QR code, a photo with a tilting effect and a see-through window.

Our Top 5 Picks to Stream in Summer

As the pandemic winds down and television production ramps up, this summer sees a cavalcade of quality programming, including the return of an animated icon, a long-awaited spinoff of a beloved Marvel antihero, a star-studded musical parody, the next chapter in a hit French series and a Canadian cult comedy coming to Austrian streaming services.

Found in Translation

A host of independent publishers and translators are introducing some of Austria’s key literary voices to the Anglosphere.

The Climbers – Growing Tall

In local author Keith Gray’s latest novel, a group of small-town teenagers shed their childhoods as a tree sheds its leaves

“We Ain’t There”: The New Russian-Designed Technique of Hybrid Warfare.

Russian aggression against Ukraine has recently entered its eighth year. Over 13 thousand people have been killed and 30 thousand have been wounded, in addition to over two million people displaced, their homes and infrastructure destroyed.

Vienna & Austria Hit With Heavy Rainfall and Flooding

Downpours this past weekend caused floods across the country, leaving Hallein in Salzburg and Kufstein in Tyrol underwater. In the capital, more rain fell in an hour than in the previous seven weeks together.

Navigate the World of Self-Employment in Austria With This New Series

For those who seek professional independence and creative freedom, self-employment might be the right career path. To help you navigate this complex field, Metropole has partnered with Self-employed in Austria to bring you this helpful new series on all things self-employment.

Vienna Set to Open New Business Immigration Office

A joint project of the City and the Vienna Business Agency, this new service point in the 1st district for qualified professionals moving to Austria is scheduled to open by Fall 2021.
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