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Friday, March 16, 2018
The City of Vienna prides itself in being out of the ordinary – “Wien ist anders” promise the posters from the Vienna Tourism Board. But if “Vienna is different”, the Viennese Technoball is really different – mixing the costumes of Carnival and the drubbing of DJs, with the “I’ll try anything” spirit of Cabaret. For one thing, there’ the dress...
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Many thanks for your thoughts, ideas and insights! If you have something to say about Vienna or a story you read here, tell us all about it. Send an email to office@metropole.at.Dear Metropole staff, Thank you for this wonderful and informative article on Maestro Bernstein and his relationship to Vienna and its music. Bernstein’s accomplishments and artistry are legendary. On a personal note, I was...
buergerschreck meaning
To be truly integrated in Vienna there are certain terms no dictionary or Deutschkurs will properly explain. But you’re no stranger, so here’s this month’s cheat sheet.BürgerschreckNoun. Lit. “Terrorizer of the Bourgeoisie;” A person who deliberately tries to shock and offend the conservative middle classes with provocative behavior. Most commonly used in reference to Punk rockers, artists, Anarcho-Communists, exhibitionists, juvenile delinquents, Hippies, drag...
It takes all types to build a Republic. We give a voice to people from different backgrounds and generations who shaped and continue to shape Austria.
austrian republic
Austria’s path from the heart of an empire to a resilient republic was a stony one. It’s the story of a country finding its identity.The Great War had begun with banners flying, with proud young soldiers in crisp uniforms marching off to heroism and the promise that they would be back by Christmas. At home, families were mobilized in support, volunteering in hospitals, writing letters and buying war bonds...
realizing things abroad
Two young Austrians, one living in Brazil, with an occasional trip home, the other just back in Vienna, after extended stays in Prague, Strasbourg, Paris and northern Italy, talk about Austria – because there are things about the country that you only realize when you live abroad.By Jacob Lassar and Benjamin Wolf
empire republic austria reborn
As the Habsburg Empire entered the final year of the Great War, the future seemed wide open. A turbulent century followed.On a pleasant summer’s day in July of 1977, several dozen people gathered in the Cemetery of St. George, in Geneva, for the unveiling of a bronze statue, whose tidy locks were just visible over the heads of the crowd. From his gown, an academic or possibly...
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