Exploring the Austrians’ love for traveling In early 2009, five months pregnant, I listened in astonishment as my Austrian guy announced he needed to travel to Tibet for a project that involved mountain climbing. I reported this to my British friend Dave. Dave looked at me skeptically. “Austrian dude. Pregnant woman, climbing the Himalayas … Isn’t that Seven Years […]
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migration austria
Can Vienna be enriched by the flood of migrants coming to Europe? History suggests that it will. Suddenly, Vienna has become the point city of the European migration crisis. As refugees poured in by the thousands, the wave swept over the Greek i...
Austrian Health Care
The Austrian health care system covers you regardless of your wallet size or passport. But cracks are showing in this jewel of the welfare state. By Nicolas Kristen & Benjamin Wolf As he enters the monumental building, headphones in his ear...
Death in Vienna
Some Viennese may play down any special relationship with death. But, then again, it’s probably better not to take any chances... It was a stunningly beautiful summer’s day on July 16, 2011, for the final farewell to Otto von Habsburg, the last ...
Living and Working in Austria
Austrians appreciate a fair day’s work if it doesn’t interfere too much with their private lives. But as the economic heart of Central Europe, the country scrambles to redefine its relationship with work “It’ll be like the Staatsvertrag,” scoffs...
espionage / iran talks
Vienna has never tried to curb the activities of foreign spies. Over the past century, it’s become the go-to stage for the dramas of global espionage The year was 2000. The setting: an inconspicuous office building on HeinestraĂźe in Vienna’s 2nd district. A man appeared around the corner and hurried toward the building, looking over […]
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How Austria's taming the rush of death-defying adrenaline highs condition us to be more resilient. In just one tenth of a second your brain goes into fight or flight mode when confronted with danger. Repeated exposure is the key to focusing duri...
Cover Story - Smart City
From San Diego to Copenhagen, from Vienna to Singapore, everybody wants to become a smart city. But how do you upgrade the world's most livable city? As he carefully takes the slat out of the hive, the solar panels in the background begin to gle...
Does culture still matter in a world where big money often defines value? On a Monday evening in mid-November, the narrow street in front of the Dorotheum was throbbing with activity, as a steady stream of high-polish guests poured in over a golden carpet into the marble depths of the Continent’s largest auction house. It […]
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