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Friday, January 18, 2019
From lightning over the Tatras to the growing firs on the slopes of Kriváň Mountain, the Slovak anthem praises the rugged beauty of this country in the heart of Europe that many travelers have yet to explore.
An American with Slovak roots shares his memories of the day when Slovakia was born. The air was frigid on Bratislava’s Námestie SNP as the calendar flipped from 1992 to 1993, and the pyrotechnics were underwhelming. But then, as the clock struck 12:01 am, hundreds of Slovaks spontaneously joined in singing their new republic’s national anthem, “Lightning over the Tatras.” Then,...
There’s so much the “Land of Mountains, Land of Rivers” – as the anthem proclaims – has to offer. We've picked some of the loveliest spots and coolest activities for you.
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Austria’s path from the heart of an empire to a resilient republic was a stony one. It’s the story of a country finding its identity. The Great War had begun with banners flying, with proud young soldiers in crisp uniforms marching off to heroism and the promise that they would be back by Christmas. At home, families were mobilized in support, volunteering in hospitals, writing letters and buying war bonds...
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In their anthem, Czechs wistfully praise the beauty of their land. And indeed, from orchards decked in spring's array to technological prowess bustling away, Czechia may truly be a magic garden in the heart of Central Europe.
Vast, diverse and much closer than we might think, Ukraine is still an unknown land for many. A project by young Ukrainians aims to change that When I say I am from Ukraine, I can see the worry on people’s faces, their minds flooded by stereo-types of a dangerous, remote country, half-way out on the Asian steppe. What could I expect?...
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