The interim government of bureaucrats is giving Austria far more than its first female Chancellor
building by night next to water
Those of us who reside in another member state live more “European” lives than anyone. Yet we feel disenfranchised.
European Union, EPP, European People's Party
So here we are, at press time, with Austria’s governing coalition deservedly in tatters. After the release of a fatally compromising video the far-right vice chancellor H.C. Strache has been shown the door.
From Empire to Republic inside 3
Austria is likely to benefit from the New Silk Road, the mammoth Chinese infrastructure project spanning two continents. But strategic thinkers in Washington and European capitals are warning of the Götterdämmerung of the 20th century geopolitical he...

Pam’s Jam

Pamela Rendi-Wagner
She’s a fresh faced, bright-eyed optimist with an easy laugh. She is also confronting a task daunting enough to wipe the smile off the sunniest of dispositions: To restore the fortunes of a political party in serial decline. She is Pamela Rendi-Wagne...
EU economic growth
Central Europe has experienced a soaring economy in the last two decades. Yet the disaffection of many shows the limits of what economic growth alone can achieve. Central Europe is thriving as never before in history. Any macroeconomic i...
US Midterms
The world has watched the US midterm elections spellbound. But for Europe, even the Democratic victory in the house of representative might not bring any relief. The importance of American elections is always far beyond the national level. The who...
What is it like to have fear of heights in a mountainous country? Austrians have absolutely no understanding for this. So how to get over it? By sucking it up and skiing, and falling, and skiing, and falling, and skiing again until I didn’t fall I’ll never forget my first time on an Alpine lift, […]
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The Austrian chancellor as a mixture of Hitler and Mozart on the cover of Newsweek. Please relax! Leni Riefenstahl, the director and scriptwriter of Nazi art and moviemaking, must have been hired as picture editor at the US magazine Newsweek. Austria’s federal chancellor was pictured on the cover of the once globally relevant magazine with […]
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