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Monday, April 23, 2018
Two young Austrians, one living in Brazil, with an occasional trip home, the other just back in Vienna, after extended stays in Prague, Strasbourg, Paris and northern Italy, talk about Austria – because there are things about the country that you only realize when you live abroad.By Jacob Lassar and Benjamin Wolf
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Slovakia Austria
How well do you know your neighbors? We looked into the Alpine Republic’s special relationship with each of themAustrians know its nearby capital of Bratislava as the favorite of Empress Maria Theresia, where she was crowned Queen of Hungary in 1740 at the age of 24. They also know it as Pressburg, the Hungarians as Pozsony, and to the...
Birgit Sauer
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sebastian kurz
Regardless of what you think of the “New ÖVP,” the hype around its leader Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s millennial foreign minister and likely new chancellor, is getting out of handNaturally, that’s as the ÖVP planned it – their entire campaign revolved around young, fresh Kurz, promising change, ending the deadlock within the government that has hobbled Austria for years.Change? The...
unesco world heritage
Cities bask in UNESCO world heritage status. But what happens if it conflicts with modern city planning?When Vienna’s Historic Center was officially added to the list of World Heritage Sites in December 2001, mayor Michael Häupl called it a “milestone” in the city’s history. It was unusual, that the center of a thriving, growing metropolis of nearly two million...
ma48 trash cans vienna
A bright orange fixture of the cityscape, the MA48 is Vienna’s loud and proud department of sanitation. Their numerous trashcans around the city are plastered with irreverent slogans and puns that sometimes need translation – cultural, linguistic or otherwise. After all, what does haglich mean, anyway?  Photos: Mark T. Hooker
The murder of journalist Ján Kuciak has shaken Slovakia out of its complacency. Here, big things often happen in years ending in “8”.Standing on a packed square in Bratislava as people around you jangle their keys and chant the slogans they remember – or that their parents have told them about – it is hard not to make comparisons. These are the symbols the Velvet...