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Friday, January 19, 2018
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How well do you know your neighbors? We looked into the Alpine Republic’s special relationship with each of themRight in the heart of Europe there is a country where four languages are spoken as a matter of course. It is Austria's richest neighbor. The white spot on maps of the EU, Switzerland is a big foreign investor in Austria,...
christmas markets
Today, the vast majority of Vienna’s Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas Markets) open, heralding a season of open-air merrymaking Good for gift shopping or simply soaking up the yuletide atmosphere, visits almost invariably end with a mug (or three) of Glühwein (mulled wine), or Punsch, a heated combination of liquor and juice or tea, giving even normally reserved or chilly Austrians a gregarious...
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austrians love hate germans
Austria and Germany share a troubled past, the (almost) same language – and are still worlds apart“Eine Tüte, bitte!” – a casual request at a supermarket checkout – is social suicide for a German in Vienna. For the clueless visitor from the north, Tüte and Sackerl may appear to mean the same thing, i.e. shopping bag. But for a...
austrian news october 2017
A quick-and-dirty synopsis of last month’s Austrian NewsUber Faces Legal Headwinds in ViennaAs in many other cities, an Uber ride is much cheaper in Vienna than taking a taxi. This is due to a lack of clarity in the legislation surrounding taxis and car rental companies. There is currently no law encompassing car sharing services. However, an October ruling...