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Saturday, January 20, 2018
U.S. needs to shoulder a bigger share of the burden, expert says at Vienna panel discussion on refugee policyRefugee experts speaking Sunday during a panel discussion at the Burgtheater in Vienna may not have directly addressed the political context, but the big gains made by Germany's far-right Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD) in three state elections show that the...
Summer in the mountains is a world apart: Here, the air is thick with smells of moist earth, acacia and wild honeysuckle. On a cloudless day, the light is clear and shimmering, the night sky a cascade of stars. There is no ambient urban glow, no hum of passing traffic. Instead, the background is a warble of finches and yellow...
The Olympics in Rio didn’t provide Austrians with all that much cause for cheer. While it rains medals on the self-dubbed “sports nation” every winter, its athletes for the Summer Olympics fight an uphill battle Whereas they proudly brought home seven medals – two of them gold – from the Games in Athens in 2004, they counted a mere three...
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