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Meet Florian Skrabal, Editor-in-Chief of Investigative Media Outlet Dossier

“Politicians think we don’t like Vienna. In fact, the opposite is true: We’re critical because we love this city that much."
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Meet Susanne Reindl-Krauskopf, a Criminal Law Professor in Vienna

“Corruption will never be 100% eradicated. But it’s important to set parameters and structures that show people that in the end, corruption doesn’t pay.”

Meet Thomas Stelzer, Dean of the International Anti-Corruption Agency

“Corruption has been with us as long as mankind, but there’s been progress: If you can’t expect to get away with something, you might think twice about committing it.”

Meet Mato Johannik, the Fashion Photographer Who Chose Vienna Over Hollywood

“I’ve consciously chosen to continue my career in Vienna. I could have stayed in Hollywood, but as Caesar once said: ‘I would rather be first in this little village than second in Rome.’”

Meet Mary Larunsi, an Austrian Fashion Model With Nigerian Roots

“What you see in the pictures is not necessarily the reality. I don’t get flown anywhere in a private jet with a glass of champagne in my hand. In the end, it’s hard work.”

Frederick Baker, in Memoriam

The Austro-British filmmaker stretched the boundaries of documentary and film technique, exploring interactive storytelling and the application of virtual reality to the experience of art.

Sisters and Business Partners

At the Viennese label Kids of the Diaspora, founders Leni Charles and Cherrellone do everything together – even motherhood – creating a space where everyone belongs.

Meet Nuno Maulide, Star Chemist & Learned Concert Pianist With a Mission

“I tell my students, ‘I can get your foot in the door, but then you have to open it.’ I’m the kind of person who once I get my foot in, I will bang that door down.”

Meet Jenny Reddish, Storyteller of Our Age

“You could attach significance to any moment in history. Right now people are saying ‘Things are really changing’ – it’s about a search for meaning.”

Profiles | Antonia Matschnig

Matschnig’s approach to DJing has been called everything from “experimental,” “post-club,” “hybrid,” to “deconstructed.”

Profiles | Wolfgang Muthspiel

He’s made over 30 albums and tours all over the world. Yet, although he’s grateful for this substantial career, he’s never had the feeling that he’s “made it.”

Profiles | Wolfgang Zerobin

“All components of public service – water, sewage, trash, energy – must remain in communal hands. Our public utilities belong 100% to the city. This is – and must – be important.”

Profiles | Stefanie Lamp

“It’s really necessary to bring all the people together and talk as often as possible. Of course, you can’t make everyone happy because people want different things – but you can try.”

Profiles | Martin Giesswein

Twice a year, Martin Giesswein goes on a “digital detox,” foregoing the internet and all devices for a couple of weeks. Not an easy task.

Profiles | Daniel Pratl

“When people look at traffic lights, they see only red, yellow, and green. They have no idea about what lies beyond those colors."

Matti Bunzl: Staging the Conversation

At the Wien Museum, the US-educated Austrian scholar wants to use the incidents of history to question the way we live now. In Vienna, museums are ...

For Love of the Game

At a gaming café outside Vienna, Monika Racek, the CEO of the Admiral Casinos and Entertainment AG talks addiction, legislation and why old ladies pla...

Profile | Izabela Horodecki

"Obviously, I don’t gamble – apart from the occasional lottery ticket. It’s like a tax on hope.” For most people, winning big on a night out at the...

Profile | Dieter Strehl

“People think that soon, everything will be digitalized. That was, is, and will never be true. Analog isn’t going anywhere.” Despite the rise of digi...

Profile | Karl Schlag

Economics Professor, University of Vienna In an unpredictable world, you need strategies that do not rely on being able to predict others. In this ...

Banking for the People

In the first installment of our new series of how expats built their careers in Vienna, we talked to Maurizio Poletto, the designer behind E...

Timothy Snyder’s Call to Action

In an age of confusion, historian and author Timothy Snyder looks to the past for a guide to the future of the West. On a pleasant evening in late O...

Profile | Natalia Corrales-Diez

Founder, Fund of Excellence, Erste Group “Human capital is the oil of the 21st century. Ten years ago, it was all about big data. Now it’s about ...

Profile | Herbert Schweiger

Director, Die Wiener Volkshochschulen “When the world is spinning faster than you are, you need help to keep moving forward – so ...

Profile | Angela Köppl

Environmental Economist, Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) “Even though we were among the first movers towards susta...

Profile | David Jandl

Forest Ranger “We’re very proud of the fact that the very concept of ‘sustainability’ originated from forestry.” If a tree falls...

#HaveweMET? | Warda Network

Stepping out to Warda Network's rooftop balcony reveals a panoramic view of Vienna's picture-perfect 8th district. This, apparently, is the city f...

Profile | Friedrich Schipper

“In war, culture is anything but irrelevant. Destroying someone’s cultural identity is just as painful as any physical wound.” Friedrich Schipper o...

Anna Karnitscher | Profiles

“Coffee culture is booming. Which also means that these days, we even have to compete with the fancy espresso machines people have at home.” Café W...

Profile | Danielle Spera

“If we read people’s memoirs of the buildings important Jews lived in, a lot of them do not exist anymore. We are trying to tell the stories of what h...

Profile | Sabine Haag

“Both the museum and UNESCO are peace missions: to stimulate discussion and bring people together towards a better understanding of the human conditio...

Profile | Adele Neuhauser

“Wiener Schmäh is a very creative and poetic language. But it’s also something that you must experience intuitively – through all of your senses.” Wh...

Expat’s Voice | The (Other) Sound of Music

Austrians like to show off their serious appreciation of classical music. But if you want them to erupt into joyful singing, you’ve got to play them s...

Profiles | Karin Fleck

Founder, Vienna Textile Lab “If synthetic dyes originate from crude oil, does it make sense to be using them for a 5-euro T-shirt you throw out aft...

Profiles | Toni Steinmetz

Regional Secretary, PRO-GE Vienna “Some say, ‘Live and let live.’ I can only live well if I can allow others to live well and be able to look after...

Profiles | Helene Wagner

Deputy Head of Special Exhibitions, Vienna Technical Museum “Our goal isn’t to say to our visitors, ‘OK, here’s the future, take it or leave it.’ W...

Profiles | Thomas Gratzer

Executive Director, Production & Technology for Manner Schnitten “Vertical production is an essential component of urban production. Our factory...

An Interview with Architecture Professor Baerbel Mueller

“Some of the most famous architects in the world – Zaha Hadid, Kazuyo Sejima – are non-Western, non-European women. That says a lot about how ‘emancip...

Wolf Prix | The Deconstructed Architect

We spoke to Wolf Prix, one of the founders of the Deconstructivist movement. At Coop Himmelb(l)au, Wolf Prix’s 5th district Architecture studio, the w...

Putin & the Wolf | An Interview with the Kreml Boss

Ahead of his state visit to Austria on June 5, the first since his reelection, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave ORF news anchorman Armin Wolf an ...

This Cruise Captain Has Traversed the Danube Over 500 Times

An interview with Jan de Bruijn, Captain, AMA Waterways “When I was first sailing on the Danube, the rules were not necessarily followed. Maybe it ...

An Interview with Danube Ferry Owner Johannes Klos

An interview with Johannes Klos, owner of Danube Roll Ferry “The ferry is something special. It’s something you don’t see or experience every day.”...

Sohyi Kim | When Kim Isn’t Cooking

Vienna’s legendary chef Sohyi Kim about learning on the job, never being satisfied and why she can’t stand salmon. When guests go to Sohyi Kim’s ...

Burhan Aygün | Uber driver, Airport Shuttle Service Owner

Whether we’re getting around by car, bike, metro or just heading across the street, it takes a whole city to keep us mobile. “Everybody’s heard o...

The Different Lives That Make up Austria Today

It takes all types to build a Republic. We give a voice to people from different backgrounds and generations who shaped and continue to shape Austria....

Profile | Lisl Ponger, Artist

Art can be a solitary craft, but for inspiring masterpieces to reach us, they need to go through many hands. “Living abroad changed everything for ...

Profile | Ernst Hilger, Gallerist

Art can be a solitary craft, but for inspiring masterpieces to reach us, they need to go through many hands. “If you want to have one word for the ...
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