In a fast-paced, digital world, Vienna’s master instrument makers seem to live a time apart
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Digital, green, innovative – what's the real deal behind the buzzwords?
Between 175 and 200 Austrian companies are considered to be hidden champions. That’s the highest density per capita in the world. These companies are global leaders in their market while relatively unknown to the public.Here is a map of the 150 A...
Maurizio Poletto, deigner of the George online banking app
In the first installment of our new series of how expats built their careers in Vienna, we talked to Maurizio Poletto, the designer behind Erste Bank’s acclaimed banking interface, George. As professional marketers and designers know, digitally savvy millennials are some of the toughest customers out there. As early adopters and influencers, millennials have become […]
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In Japan, Vienna is the Ongaku no Miyako, “the capital of music,” and that’s where Mayu Kotari wanted to be. A pianist from Tokyo, Kotari has been living, studying and performing in Vienna for the last four years, and “there couldn’t be a better plac...
It’s not easy to buy woodlands in Austria. You need passion, roots in the local area and many millions. Cord Prinzhorn, the chief executive officer of an Austrian packaging company, is European new money. But his latest investment is classic Old Wor...
Pursuing a career in acting, like most fields, requires perseverance and a strong belief in yourselfHave you ever wondered what it takes to become an actor? As with other artistic pursuits, it is not just about talent; acting requires skill, an...
An employment consultant with 20 years’ experience has some advice for landing your dream job in Vienna.Want to work in Vienna? Finding a job as a foreigner may not be easy, and it surely takes perseverance and realism, consultant Andreas Vetr ...
Planning a new career? The tourism and hospitality sector is booming and offers a wide variety of options. Trying to push past hordes of tourists in the narrow streets of Vienna’s city center can be a physical challenge, but consider this: catering to these millions of visitors could be your new career path. Tourism and […]
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