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Friday, March 16, 2018
digital revolution
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entrepreneur business capital Vienna
Vienna has long been a link between East and West. As more CEE entrepreneurs seek access to Western markets and capital, can Vienna offer them what they need?By Michael Bernstein & Susanne GottliebIn a city of neuroses, what do people need? Perhaps some advice on how to live happier lives. So the place to be for Jan Hrubý, who...
bildungskarenz paid sick leave
Austrians enjoy generous worker benefits – hard to imagine for Americans, who remain ambitious and optimistic, a spirit that is harder to find in ViennaBy Bettina Figl & Dardis McNameeA paid sabbatical? You can do this every three years?!” When I told my American friends that I was on a year-long Bildungskarenz, the educational leave approved and even encouraged...
virtual reality film architecture design
Astonishing spoiled moviegoers is no small task. Marrying virtual reality with architecture, a Viennese company is dazzling audiencesBy Susanne Gottlieb & Dardis McNameeIt is rare in film that a prop achieves the stature of player – Rosebud in Citizen Kane, perhaps, or the Maltese Falcon, or maybe the chess pieces in the Thomas Crown Affair, or the clay pot...
online banking erste bank
We asked board member Thomas Schaufler about designing Erste Bank’s online banking platform GeorgeIn Austria, banking has not always moved with the times. From the persistence of the transfer slip (Erlagschein) to the popularity of the savings account, progress has been conservative in terms of innovation. So who better to design a burgeoning new way to do banking than...
Music Traveler
A new startup called Music Traveler – like an Airbnb for musicians – helps music professionals find space to practice while they’re on the road.It all began when everything went wrong: Vienna-based violinist Aleksey Igudesman was planning a badly needed holiday. But there was a complication. His then-partner, a professional pianist, would need somewhere to practice, and not just...
Masters of Dirt
So what's wrong with dirty money? Founder Georg Fechter has perfected the art of banking on fuel, fire and adrenaline.Motors roar, flames blaze, music blasts, whipping up the crowd – and then they come: Shooting out of their stalls like a swarm of wasps, they jump over one another, taking the “Ooos” and “Ahhs” of the audience as encouragement...