Vienna Summer
As the natives flee town for their vacation, why not make the city your oyster?
mountain biking
Trail blazers have made biking in the Wienerwald more accessible. In the freshness of spring, the Vienna Woods are a paradise for mountain biking. There’s luminosity in the young leaves and between the trees, the pungent wild garlic is like a rich c...
Dachboden Bar
Savor the last days of summer on the terrace of the 25hours Hotel's Dachboden bar Late summer may be the best season to enjoy Vienna: As the evenings grow long again, locals scramble to make the most of the last golden days before another grey win...
Ahhh, Vienna! It’s the city of Gemütlichkeit, semi-precious neutrality, badly and well-kept secrets as well as the go-to location for the odd diplomatic or spy-related kerfuffle. We felt the city should have the last word on its own secrets. Get out ...
viennese entrepreneurs
A closer look at leaving the rat race and striking out on your own For many Viennese, being your own boss is the dream of a lifetime. Yes, security matters, and steady employment is still often the ideal. But to some, the thrill of independence ...
It doesn’t take being born here to belong. The most convincing Viennese are from all over Austria and the world and have adopted the ways of the city. Vienna lures you into its grasp and before you know it you’ve said “heast” or “oida”, at least under your breath. Here are 16 tell-tale signs you’ve made the cut. You […]
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affairs in Vienna
For most of its long history, Vienna has taken a cavalier attitude to stepping out. Something strange began happening shortly after I arrived in Vienna in 2015. There was more innuendo between the genders – a lot more – than in Berlin, where I’d...
students guide
Studying in Vienna? Put That Student ID to Good Use! It’s no surprise that Austrians take their sweet time studying, with the average age for receiving your first degree currently at 24.6. With tuition low and the fringe benefits manifold, there’s little reason not to extend the salad days just a bit – or a […]
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Dead End
Moving to a new city can be daunting, so we’ve assembled some words from the wise to help you avoid potential screw-ups and face-palms of nesting in the Austrian capital   1. Getting stuck in the expat bubble With its thriving international scene, Vienna has an abundance of clubs and Facebook groups for sorts of […]
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