Borderless Fashion


© Maximilian Lottmann

In any given moment a corner of Vienna can transport you to other urban landscapes, revealing this city’s soul and versatility.

My Favorite Things November 2016

my favorite things

© Courtesy of Persol

Today it’s a camera drone. Tomorrow it travels back in time and tries to kill Sarah Conner.

Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory (slightly adapted)

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy shoes and that’s kind of the same thing.

Source Unknown


A Tale of Two Sisters


Photo by Wolfgang Pohn

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Follow big and little sister on a break-in! The destination: Artist Hannes Mlenik’s Arch in the Vienna Prater Ateliers. Once inside, the sisters convene under the arch to perform an ancient love ritual, to activate the objects of their desire. But then it all goes wrong. The spell isolates them, trapping them between the worlds of passion and oblivion.

A Trip to LA to Change Your Point of View

ali rabbani fashion october 2017

Dress – Whistles, Sandals – Joshua Sanders // © Chris Singer

Who’s to say whether the life one person chooses to lead is one you could imagine for yourself? Does that make their desire for meaning, comfort, love and compassion any less real?

Imperial day off… in Style

Imperial Day Off

© Isaac Blake

Emperor Franz Joseph himself opened the Imperial Hotel in 1873 and since then the hotel has hosted a potpourri of famous guests from Queen Elizabeth II to Charlie Chaplin. Within these venerable halls we shot moments of luxury, from donning high fashion robes to the enjoyment of dance, food, sleep and, most importantly, love

Nostalgia, The Seductive Liar

photoshoot nostalgia

© Maria Ritsch

We retreat into nostalgia for comfort, for the feeling of being in a time period that is better than the present.

Back to The Future

mind back future

© Maximilian Lottmann

Thoughts from our expert on design, gadgets and joie de vivre

Lost in the City

fashion democracy

Black Dress – Reserved
Body – H&M

We live in a city of stories. Each time you turn a corner, you become part of the history of the place. Even if you know your home town inside out, it’s those moments when you discover a hidden spot you’ve never seen before that you love Vienna.

My Favorite Things in December 2016/January 2017

my favorite things

Courtesy of Elan Ski Ripstick

Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.