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Nobel Laureate Charpentier’s Breakthrough Was “Born” in Vienna

The Nobel-Prize-winning chemist Emanuelle Charpentier laid the groundwork for her stunning scientific discoveries at the Max Perutz Labs in the Austrian capital.
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How the Pandemic Stalled Scientific Research

Work on coronavirus has highjacked science, disrupting projects and schedules, particularly for women. Some see a chance to turn the crisis into opportunities for breakthrough thinking

How Austrian Scientists Are Fighting COVID-19

As nations around the world follow every twist and turn of the developing science to combat the coronavirus, Austrian researchers and companies could play a key role.

Coming Clean on Electric Cars

Electricity spells kosher for many an eco-warrior, with battery-powered cars seen as the answer to vehicle-generated pollution. An analysis by carmaker Volvo suggests it is not so simple.

Social Networks or Social Nightmares? | Panel Discussion With Roger McNamee

On Friday, 27 September 2019, Roger McNamee, Evgeny Morozov, Max Schrems and Shalini Randeria will be talking about Facebook and how it's changing our societies on the panel "Social Networks or Social Nightmares?" at the Vienna Humanities Festival.

Someone’s Gotta Do It

Bins full of sorted junk, sewage, waste - and all that trash...For all cities, garbage is a fact of life that must be managed - but for Vienna, waste ...

The Code Makers

Programmers are in high demand. Two Viennese are helping more women to close the digital gap. It’s going on 18:30, but the windows of the...

From Slaughterhouse to Lighthouse

Biomedical research in Vienna is revealing the secrets of life, as two research institutes make breakthroughs in cancer treatment. The announcement ca...

It’s Time to Fix Facebook

My story with Facebook began in early 2006. Mark Zuckerberg, then only 22, was looking for advice. I had been a technology investor for more than two ...

The Science Behind Homesickness

Previously dismissed as a sign of immaturity, homesickness is now seen by researchers as playing a vital evolutionary role. All it takes is the b...

The Science Behind Homesickness

Previously dismissed as a sign of immaturity, homesickness is now seen by researchers as playing a vital evolutionary role. All it takes is the b...

A Tinder Novice Samples Viennese App-Dating

Old-school bar romancer discovers the matching app phenomenon Tinder “Meeeaaap – wrong answer??!” – twenty-four hours after not replying to Hanna...

How Fear Makes you an Instant Superhero 

The fight-or-flight response is designed to prepare us for danger, but what really happens, when the adrenaline kicks in? On a bright sunny morni...

Dealing with Stress

One study divides how we cope with anxiety into four categories: Guardians, Integrators, Drivers and Pioneers. Which one are you? “Nothing is per...

The Oracles of Big Data

Data science is currently among the hottest fields of study and its practitioners are in high demand For many, the 21st century buzzword “Big Dat...

Alpine Hi–Tech

Skiing is deeply embedded in Austrian identity. In spite of climate change, technology has made the sport smarter and safer International familie...

Saved from Your Genes

Fertility specialists have made a breakthrough that could eradicate a rare deadly disease. So why isn’t the world celebrating? After several misc...

Vienna, a Scientist’s Paradise

The city that brought forth Wittgenstein, Freud and Schrödinger, Vienna is again a hotbed of ideas and scientific research. When refugee scientists ...

From Lab Coats to Pinstripes

Academia and business don’t mix? A group of Austrians set out to bridge the gap, and business is booming. Great ideas are born in the laboratories, c...

Alexa, Can You Hear Me?

The first home automation hub, Amazon Echo raises lots of questions about how much we want to depend on artificial intelligence Entering our livi...

Taking the Tube – Hyperloop

Trips from Vienna to Bratislava are routine. But if the Hyperloop project has its way, they may soon become the most exciting commute on the planet ...

Science: Physics Showdown in Russia

A group of gifted high schoolers will defend Austria’s “physical” fitness at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament in early July The Aus...

Science & Technology: Einstein, Lasers And Supermirrors

In the Austrian success story of gravitational waves, detecting something tiny can be a huge leap forward On February 11, 2016, the last of Alber...

Science & Technology: No Country for Old Economists

The Austrian school of economic thought shapes financial policy the world over – but remains unpopular in its land of origin In dealing with the ...

Science & Technology: Protecting Genetic Privacy

Open source genomics raise enormous challenges when protecting patient identity Over the past decade the genomic revolution has taken off in spec...

The Rhythm of the Day

A new study at Vienna’s University of Veterinary Medicine shows how cells change according to daily rhythms, with significant consequences for your he...
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