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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
The threats to democracy are not a side effect, but inherent to the platform’s business model. An early investor outlines a campaign to do something about it.My story with Facebook began in early 2006. Mark Zuckerberg, then only 22, was looking for advice. I had been a technology investor for more than two decades and had no stake in...
robot art
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rodent vr
Virtual reality is only for tech enthusiasts? Get ready to see fish, mice and fruit flies join the VR craze with scientists from Austria and GermanyFor generations, scientists and sci-fi fans have inspired each other to (boldly) go where no one has gone before to better understand the world around them. Now, real-world science has taken another page right out of...
marshall plan
With an entire continent in ruins, the Marshall Plan planted the seeds for a peaceful, prosperous EuropeAs the Second World War finally ground down to an end in Europe, Austria lay devastated, its economy in shambles, its territory carved up by the victorious Allied powers into zones of authority for the U.S., France, Britain and the Soviet Union.At the...