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Monday, April 23, 2018
marshall plan
With an entire continent in ruins, the Marshall Plan planted the seeds for a peaceful, prosperous EuropeAs the Second World War finally ground down to an end in Europe, Austria lay devastated, its economy in shambles, its territory carved up by the victorious Allied powers into zones of authority for the U.S., France, Britain and the Soviet Union.At the...
genetic modification
Fertility specialists have made a breakthrough that could eradicate a rare deadly disease. So why isn’t the world celebrating?After several miscarriages and the deaths of two children at an early age, a Jordanian woman finally gave birth to a healthy boy this summer. A cause for private celebration? Undoubtedly. But this boy has already made headlines around the world.The...
Skiing is deeply embedded in Austrian identity. In spite of climate change, technology has made the sport smarter and saferInternational families who come to Austria are often amazed to discover that a winter ski week is built into the school calendar. Throughout the month of February, the dates are conveniently staggered in the various Federal States to balance out...
Helga Nowotny takes on institutional science in her new book: The Cunning of UncertaintyHelga Nowotny is fascinated with uncertainty. Not with its risks, but with its possibilities. As a scholar and former president of the European Research Council (ERC), this has been her life-blood.We have “entered a phase in which uncertainty ... is losing the allure of being a...
emotion nostalgia
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