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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
swimming in Vienna
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formula one
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Vienna Nightrow
The Vienna Nightrow is a fun tradition that defies preconceptions about rowing Everywhere you look, long-established sports are getting shorter, sexier and closer to spectators. Cricket has Twenty20. Rugby has Sevens. Motorsport has Formula E. And rowing has started to pull its oars in the same direction – as fans of the Vienna Nightrow know all too well. Now getting set...
Vienna city marathon
As the Vienna City Marathon nears, runners gear up for their next big rush. An admission: I am not an avid exerciser. Just recently I picked up a bit of casual football after a 10-year hiatus, and, honestly, I’m considering dropping it again. Life is tough enough. But today is different: I’ve been invited to tag along behind Valentin Pfeil, one...
The Okanagan Hockey Academy turns out talented players in St. Pölten, hoping to win over Austria and Europe The hall echoed with yells, scraping skates and sticks smacking the ice as 12 young hockey players raced around the rink. Hoping to reach pro-level speeds upwards of 50 km/h and shots reaching over 160 km/h, the players skated at breakneck speed,...
Red Bull Skydive Team
Red Bull gives a fearless troupe wings to become mile-high paragons of their sport High above the Austrian Alps, a trio of professional athletes prepare their gear. Helmet? Check. Gloves? Check. Airplane? Check. Red Bull and parachute? Double check. Young and full of vigor, Marco Waltenspiel, Dominic Roithmair and Marco Fürst are no ordinary sportsmen: They’re professional skydivers, part of the Red Bull Skydive...
Hahnenkamm Race at Kitzbühel
The Hahnenkamm Race at Kitzbühel is the world’s most famous – and ferocious – downhill ski event The view from the start house on the Streif course at Kitzbühel is one of the most frightening in sports. Below the tips of the racers’ skis, the mountain falls away in a steep drop. Then, after one icy turn, there’s the lip...
champagne ponies
Spectators visit the Austrian Polo Open to witness the breakneck game and get a glimpse of the fanciful hats that make up the sport’s international style It was a hot day, one of those humid July Sundays that beg an afternoon of lounging and sipping something bubbly. Schloss Ebreichsdorf, the venue of the Austrian Polo Open seemed like just the place...
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