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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
From lightning over the Tatras to the growing firs on the slopes of Kriváň Mountain, the Slovak anthem praises the rugged beauty of this country in the heart of Europe that many travelers have yet to explore.
A nod to simpler times, the weight of this brass beauty creates optimal weight for long writing, its gel roll design providing exceptionally easy writing flow. Wrapped up in timeless elegance and flair, Nostalgia meets utility, developing its own patina over time.€60kaweco-pen.comAndrogynous and ethereal, this cream-colored ensemble drapes the wearer in luxurious linen, expertly tailored to accent panache...
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It may have an ultra light frame weighing only 14 grams, but this beast is no featherweight, piping superb wireless stereo sound into your daily routine. sennheiser.atThe trousers’ dark blue and glossy red stripes, combined with the white stitched navy blazer is the perfect ensemble for the first garden party of the season.tigerofsweden.comThe vintage collections of Lulu range from briefcases to clutches, all adorned with its iconic red lips. This tote bag might just be...
local finds march
With spring waiting in the wings, we look at the essentials – stress relief, comfy furniture and a touch of culture.Schwerelos Floating gives you a sense of weightlessness, granting stress relief as you’re suspended in a huge pool of salt water, kept at body temperature in a lightless, warm room. Invented back in the 1950s, this relaxation technique is now available to everyone, thanks to...
sustainable brands
Dress well and do good: Being an urban fashionista has never been this sustainable.STELLA McCARTNEY Paul McCartney’s daughter has decided that her label should be part of the solution, not the problem. Founded in 2001, McCartney keeps challenging the brand to come up with sustainable materials each season, following her guidelines of no leather, fur or feathers. You’ll find everything here, from color changing swim-wear for kids to...
There’s so much the “Land of Mountains, Land of Rivers” – as the anthem proclaims – has to offer. We've picked some of the loveliest spots and coolest activities for you.