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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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On the cusp of summer, dress like an empress, chillax like a lord and drink a liquid homage to the Käsekrainer.by Lisanne Brouwer and Lana Sharp Imperial Shop ViennaEven the most temperate Viennese cannot help but occasionally muse about what life was like for an emperor or empress. Luckily, the Imperial Shop Vienna, recently opened next to the Hofburg Info...
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In their anthem, Czechs wistfully praise the beauty of their land. And indeed, from orchards decked in spring's array to technological prowess bustling away, Czechia may truly be a magic garden in the heart of Central Europe.
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Studying in Vienna? Put That Student ID to Good Use!With this many student deals and discounts available in Vienna, it’s perhaps no surprise that Austrians take their sweet time studying. (The average age for receiving your first degree is currently at 24.6!) To help you separate the best from the rest, we've scoured the internet and compiled the ones...
From lightning over the Tatras to the growing firs on the slopes of Kriváň Mountain, the Slovak anthem praises the rugged beauty of this country in the heart of Europe that many travelers have yet to explore.
A nod to simpler times, the weight of this brass beauty creates optimal weight for long writing, its gel roll design providing exceptionally easy writing flow. Wrapped up in timeless elegance and flair, Nostalgia meets utility, developing its own patina over time.€60kaweco-pen.comAndrogynous and ethereal, this cream-colored ensemble drapes the wearer in luxurious linen, expertly tailored to accent panache...
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It may have an ultra light frame weighing only 14 grams, but this beast is no featherweight, piping superb wireless stereo sound into your daily routine. sennheiser.atThe trousers’ dark blue and glossy red stripes, combined with the white stitched navy blazer is the perfect ensemble for the first garden party of the season.tigerofsweden.comThe vintage collections of Lulu range from briefcases to clutches, all adorned with its iconic red lips. This tote bag might just be...