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Monday, October 22, 2018
Viennese Coffeehouse
The Vienna Coffee Festival is happening this weekend. To get ready, it's important to enjoy the good brown stuff in the right surroundings. Take this quiz to find the place where you'll feel most at home while sipping your melange! This quiz is for your entertainment only. :)
ali rabbani favorite things december
If there is one bit of nostalgia that foreigners and tourists associate with Austria: It’s the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music, made popular by the 1965 film starring Julie Andrews. We dedicate this month to those gift-giving expats for whom these favorite things awaken memories of childhood. This idyllic town was founded because of the rich salt resources and became famous for its enchanting location, so much so that the Chinese made a carbon copy back home. We would wait here for winter...
The Fesch’markt returns to Vienna with 220 independent designers offering their wares. Look out for these three labels, champions of eco-social awareness and tradition. Doris Darling Nomen est omen: The Super Strong Lamp by Viennese Doris Zaiser-Grossauer not only illuminates a room, but sparks attention with its fierce design. Admittedly, the unique look, which started out as an art piece, is...
sustainable brands
Dress well and do good: Being an urban fashionista has never been this sustainable. STELLA McCARTNEY Paul McCartney’s daughter has decided that her label should be part of the solution, not the problem. Founded in 2001, McCartney keeps challenging the brand to come up with sustainable materials each season, following her guidelines of no leather, fur or feathers. You’ll find everything here, from color changing swim-wear for kids to...
Europe’s second-largest country flaunts the blue of its skies and the golden fields of wheat in its flag – but Ukraine has so much more to offer
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In their anthem, Czechs wistfully praise the beauty of their land. And indeed, from orchards decked in spring's array to technological prowess bustling away, Czechia may truly be a magic garden in the heart of Central Europe.
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Design and craftsmanship are often paired with a legacy business. These designers have not only left their mark on the world of accessories, but their brands have stood the test of time. SWAROVSKI Daniel Swarovski learned the family craft of glass cutting from his father and patented an electric glass-cutting machine in the alpine town of Wattens in 1892. Three years...
loval finds february
This February, we have some treats to warm you from the inside and outside – bath suds, hearty booze and a home away from home. Beer Lovers Right on Gumpendorferstrasse, this haven of suds stocks 1,500 specialty craft beers from over 100 breweries, an incredible selection of pales, ales, barrel-aged lagers and anything else your heart desires, including homebrew kits for the DIY crowd. Even better,...
Local concept stores
They go unnoticed by many and are treasured by a chosen few. Vienna’s independent labels, studios and boutiques are on the rise and we chose a sample to get you through April. Strictly Herrmann A new concept store catering to the needs of the suave gentleman of today is everything a guy could wish forever. We all have a little Mr....