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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
sustainable brands
Dress well and do good: Being an urban fashionista has never been this sustainable.STELLA McCARTNEY Paul McCartney’s daughter has decided that her label should be part of the solution, not the problem. Founded in 2001, McCartney keeps challenging the brand to come up with sustainable materials each season, following her guidelines of no leather, fur or feathers. You’ll find everything here, from color changing swim-wear for kids to...
There’s so much the “Land of Mountains, Land of Rivers” – as the anthem proclaims – has to offer. We've picked some of the loveliest spots and coolest activities for you.
iconic car designs
Some things never go out of style. These carmakers are getting great mileage out of banking on these classic designs.Volkswagen Chances are the Volkswagen bus is imprinted into your pop-cultural memory already: It was the vehicle of choice for hippies during the 1960s and 70s. Fun fact: Volkswagen management wasn’t too happy about their counterculture customer base back then and feared a loss of image, but...
loval finds february
This February, we have some treats to warm you from the inside and outside – bath suds, hearty booze and a home away from home. Beer Lovers Right on Gumpendorferstrasse, this haven of suds stocks 1,500 specialty craft beers from over 100 breweries, an incredible selection of pales, ales, barrel-aged lagers and anything else your heart desires, including homebrew kits for the DIY crowd. Even better,...
Austrian expressions
Translating expressions word for word into another language seldom makes sense, as anyone who ever tried it can attest. Chances are you will be met with befuddled looks or cackling laughter, like a human version of google translate. Yet it’s exactly these phrases that give a language their color and character; and they say a lot about the culture they...
vienna ball
Ball season is in full swing, and sometimes the overwhelming number of them makes it hard to choose just one. We've picked 8 that might pique your interest, and this quiz makes all the decisions for you!This quiz and the categorizations are for your entertainment purposes only. :)
Viennese Coffeehouse
The Vienna Coffee Festival is happening this weekend. To get ready, it's important to enjoy the good brown stuff in the right surroundings. Take this quiz to find the place where you'll feel most at home while sipping your melange!This quiz is for your entertainment only. :)