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WU Campus Wien – Zaha Hadid PUBLISHER’S LETTER Thank You, Whiners, Gripers & Busybodies In Vienna, as the dog days of summer give way to cool breezes and falling leaves, we turn our focus to the clockwork behind the city Margaret Childs
Bus Wiener Linien COVER STORY The Secrets of a City That Works Emerging as a European metropolis during the Habsburg era, Vienna continues to grow, blending the old and the new Ramya Iyer Brigitte Bierlein OPINION Cleaning up After the Men To be appointed chancellor after a popular government crashed was hardly a dream assignment. But that was what Austria asked Brigitte Bierlein Dardis McNamee
editor in chief

In this issue PROFILES Plan Me a City Janima Nam BUSINESS What Makes a City “Smart”? Jacob S. Lassar TECHNOLOGY Someone’s Gotta
Do It
Emre Günes
SPECIAL REPORT Home Is Where the Housing Is Janima Nam GRÄTZL The New Frontier Andreas Rainer GRAFFITI The Art of Vandalism Karl Neuwinger

Slide INTERNATIONAL The Long Road Home HOW TO ... Serve (Up) a City Richard Grieveson INTERNATIONAL

Slide MELANGE The Good Life
by Design
Mayor Michael Ludwig shares the secret to Vienna’s top ranking for smarts and livability – planning with people in mind Margaret Childs
Slide OP-ED Democracy’s Second Wind in CEE Metropole joins GLOBSEC to
promote democracy
Dardis McNamee & Roger Hilton
Slide PRO & CON Should Residents Who Are Not Citizens Have Voting Rights? Is it time to enlarge the franchise or should citizenship stay the bedrock of the right to vote? Fausia S. Abdoel & Binu Starnegg

Slide CITY LIFE Solutions for the
Age of Adaptation
ART Cultural Whale or Fish out of Water? RESTAURANT Park Life CHEF’S TABLE An Affair of
the Heart
WINE Grooner on the Other Side TRAVEL Salt, Silver & Crystal BOOKS Reconsidering
Thomas Bernhard
GEMISCHTER SATZ Michael Ignatieff: Academic Freedom Fighter

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