Last week’s discussions on city-wide parking permits began in the 22nd District of Donaustadt and are gaining traction. The chairman of the 22nd District Council, Ernst Nevrivy (SPÖ) has proposed consolidating of district parking permits (called Parkpickerl) to allow current permit holders to pay a €5 surcharge to park anywhere in Vienna. Leaders of the Council for the 13th District of Döbling Daniel Resch (ÖVP) and Hietzing’s Silke Kobald (ÖVP) have voiced their support.

“It is important to look at the bigger picture and see beyond your own district limits,” Resch told Wien Heute”. “It makes no sense to split the city into such small sections. Vienna’s citizens should be able to park in other districts too”. The 19th district of Döbling was the last district to adopt the parking permit system, launched in early July.

More extra costs for parking in the city

This ongoing debate has been a process of reaching consensus among the various stakeholders, as the leading parties, the SPÖ, ÖVP and FPÖ (who have historically rarely managed to agree) have voiced their endorsements. However, residents are less convinced. Many are disgruntled at having to pay any more money for a Vienna wide parking permit when they only park in their home district. Unifying the parking system doesn’t necessarily bring people together, as comments on the “Heute” website show. “As a tradesman I only need a permit for the district where my business is located; so I should be allowed to choose between district specific or city-wide permits”, wrote one reader.  “Just more costs. Resch really knows how to fill his wallet!” says another, “Good luck convincing the Greens”.

Resch insists they will not abandon the commuters. “They are not our enemies and are vital to Vienna. We have an obligation to build parking garages to accommodate them.” Birgit Hebein (Greens), Vice mayor of Vienna and City Councilor for transportation, has yet make a statement.

For now, the Parkpickerl system is still in effect in all Vienna districts except the 21st-23rd.





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