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Coronavirus | Everything You Need to Know About Food Delivery in Vienna

Many of us have stocked the larder with Hamsterkäufe (panic purchases) and are now living on the booty piled up in kitchen and cupboard. Which means cooking, cooking, cooking! That’s good, it would be criminal to let this food go to waste.

But now, a few weeks in, you’ve prepared all your favorite recipes, and probably more than once.  You want a change. But dining out is out. All restaurants, cafés and bars in Vienna are closed for now. And you’re not even allowed to get together to cook with friends. But don’t despair: Some restaurants are still cooking meals you can order ahead and pick up at their place.

For burgers or beer, check out Beaver Brewing Company, for Korean food, go and find modern korean. On the specially set up page Pronto Volante you can order pizzas, pasta and coffee beans for home delivery – if you live within two kilometres radius of their locale.

Contactless food delivery

The famous Middle Eastern restaurant Neni is still cooperating with the Food Delivery Service Mjam, that has lowered its minimum order value to €5 with “contactless delivery” to your home. This means that the food is prepared, packed, labelled and picked up at the restaurant by the delivery person at a special separated “zone,” without human contact. The courier only touches the package at the bottom, the handles are reserved for the customer.

At the address, the courier rings the bell, puts the package in front of the door and steps back, so the customer, can open the door and take his food inside  — with no physical contact, The delivery service lieferando works the same way. Both platforms still offer a big variery of cuisines – although currently fewer than normal.

Organic food, sweets and drinks

The platform links organic farmers and producers directly with customers, with vegetables, fruit and meat delivered. Organic meat from Austrian farmers can also be ordered at

Those who want to cook fresh without the grocery shopping can also use Hellofresh or Marley Spoon both of which deliver a box of fresh produce with recipes and the necessary spices to the door.

For sweets order from the bakery at Grandmas Vollpension Café, which delivers to homemade cakes, pies and cookies to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 9th and 20th districts. The ice cream shop Eisgreissler delivers boxes of fresh ice cream to your door with a minimum order of €25. Among the most exotic flavors: goat cheese, pumpkin seed oil and pistachio with salt and nutmeg. Others still make use of food deliveries.

If, in times like these, you feel more like drinking, rather than eating, “Die Parfümerie” is your place to call. They will put drinks and coffee in front of your door – and on their website, they expressly state that they don’t mind if you greet them in an Adam&Eve costume.

So live long and prosper, and let Vienna bring the feast to your door.


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