The sleek Viennese label Tiberius is turning 25 in 2017. We had a chat with its designer about penguins and the future of fashion

Who are you?

I am the short, hyperactive, passionate guy with the funny accent and the loud laugh. Normally I respond to the name Marcos Valenzuela.

What is luxury for you?

Delegating tasks to the right person and having confidence that that person will meet my expectations in a competent, positive and passionate manner. Also, I consider a good night’s sleep luxurious.

How has the fashion industry changed over the last decade for luxury brands like Tiberius?

The biggest change I’ve seen over the past decade is defined by fast, aggressive marketing tools that mass production brands use today to manipulate and influence potential consumers. Fashion is overproduced and has become affordable to everybody, losing quality and injuring the micro and macro environment.

On the other hand there is a type of client that thinks about uniqueness, quality & plasticity and will always tend to purchase and support labels like Tiberius.

For us, this trend means to continue to be creative and bold, using affordable marketing tools to reach new customers, while staying true to our philosophy and soul.

Where do you think the fashion industry is heading ?

Collapse, insensibility, venality… there is a huge parallel to the world’s sociopolitical and economic development!

What does the city of Vienna mean to you and where do you see its fashion future?

My heart is full of gratitude, respect and love for Vienna. I was not born in this magical place that has offered me the possibility of progress and development but I feel so proud to be considered an Austrian fashion designer.

When I think about the fashion future of Vienna I feel optimistic. There is a lot of potential in this city.

Does luxury always have to be expensive?


What is your favorite luxury product that you own?

A handmade, merino wool scarf from the Austrian label Love Irene, obviously custom-made!

FYI: you can find some of her amazing pieces at Tiberius.

What makes a brand luxurious?

Uniqueness, authenticity, quality and identity.

What do the best luxury brands have in common?

Having clear visions and goals. They work with strategy and discipline. They know their clients and are true to themselves.

You find a lottery ticket and end up winning €10 million. What would you do?

Go to the nearest police station and try to find the owner.

A penguin wearing a sombrero approaches you. What does he say and why is he there?

He will say … ¡Hola que tal! And he is there to show me that everything is possible!