Spanish Photographer Christina Garcia Rodero on View at Insituto Cervantes

Her unreleased masterpieces presented at new exhibition.

One of Spain’s most renowned artists, Cristina Garcia Rodero approaches photography with an almost anthropological eye, from community festivals to Haitian voodoo rituals. A member of the prestigious Magnum Photos agency, her work stands out for its natural, spontaneous aesthetic, captured with great patience and a gift for timing, winning her the W. Eugene Smith Foundation prize as well as the Premio Nacional de Fotografía. Featuring over 50 remastered, mostly unreleased photographs from her archive, this special retrospective spans Rodero’s entire career, from Catholic folk rituals near her hometown of Puertollano to the Burning Man festival in Nevada and the Berlin Love Parade, along with landscapes and avant-garde experiments.


Mit offenem Mund. Fotographien von Cristina Garcia Rodero

Through May 26, Instituto Cervantes.
1., Schwarzenbergplatz 2
Mon–Thu : 09:00–13:00 & 14:00–18:00; Fri: 09:00–13:00

Nicolas Kristen
Born and raised in Vienna, Nicolas studied journalism and is now trying to become a good writer and journalist.

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