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The Budims – Your Denimdealer No.1

If you are looking for the perfect fit you might want to visit Markus and Magdalena Budim – a Viennese couple with Croatian roots – at their denim store in the Raimundhof on Mariahilferstraße 45. Founded three years ago, the Budims is “a fancy place of denim, quality and customer service,” say the owners. This is what it looks like when you turn your passion into your profession. 

Honest advice and a cozy ambience are guaranteed, say devotees of the shop they rank as “denim dealer No.1”. Adopting the American motto that the “customer is king/queen” they have added a book-your-own shopping appointment, at no charge, when one of the shop owners will offer a private consultation for you and you alone. 

But the Budim’s principle goal is to bring quality denim back into the well-deserved limelight. Their shelves are filled with jeans in various fits, washes, sizes and lengths from the global denim brands Denham (premium jeans), G-Star Raw (an innovation expert) and Kings of Indigo (pioneers in sustainability). New to the Budim family is a Croatian brand called Evio Denim with a focus on raw denim and even more brands are to follow. 

Honored internationally, “The Budims” made it among the TOP 100 most influential companies in the denim industry world wide over the last 15 years by the prestigious WeAr magazine. 


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Das Vivet – a coffee bar and eatery that time forgot

What better than to feel at home while not actually being at home!  That’s the vision behind Das Vivet, an idea two restauranteurs with Croatian roots cooked up one tipsy night in Berlin. A month later Nikola Senjić and Blazenko Jurković – two seasoned gastronomes living in Vienna – found just the place to realize their concept: At Westbahnstraße 21 in the 7th district. And while their idea for “Das Vivet” might have been spontaneous, within a year, they had proven that nothing about their work is left to chance. 

Starting with the name – which means “he/she/it shall live” – this is a place where the name reflects the aim. In Das Vivet you can live your best life around the vision of a cozy living room, and forget time! 

Nikola Senjić and Blazenko Jurković

For one thing, there is no clock in the interior the duo designed themselves. It’s all good vibes and great music. And then there’s the menu – a variation of delicious and exceptional cuisine and drinks, not only the best ingredients, but also vegan and gluten free foods, and a phenomenal breakfast, which means they are usually booked for brunch. 

Still to come: International live acts.  So stay tuned…


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Delikroat – A little Croatia in the heart of Vienna

When your next vacation is too far away and you miss the tastes and smells of mediterranean delicacies, visit Mario Harapin’s Delikroat, a food emporium full of Croatian specialties at Neubaugasse 60. 

Arriving in Vienna seven years ago, Harapin immediately recognized the lack of quality food from home. He saw an opportunity, at first through a market stand, and since 2016 inside the walls of his own shop. 

After working in Croatian food service for 15 years, he works to guarantee the best selection the country has to offer. From olive oil and top wines to cheese, truffles, or prosciutto, each product is carefully selected from Croatian producers that Mario knows personally and whose methods he knows first hand.  Most products are handmade in small quantities by regional producers and without preservatives or additives. 

Mario Harapin’s Delikroat, a food emporium full of Croatian specialties at Neubaugasse 60.

The most beautiful thing about his job, he says, is that he never loses the connection to his homeland – Something you feel from the moment you enter Delikroat.  This is how Croatia really tastes. 


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