Catch Britain’s Stand-Up Wunderkind, Daniel Sloss at the Gartenbau Kino

The young Scottish funnyman shocks again on his 10th solo tour, Now

Charming, brutal and poignant, Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss has made a career out of uncomfortable humor: From tax rates on tampons to his Tinder history, he touches on subjects most wouldn’t even dare to think of. Currently on his 10th solo show Now, his latest skits take aim at his sister’s cerebral palsy, sexual equality and recounts his ever-popular anecdotes about his parents.

Initially a protégé of fellow Scottish funnyman and master of shock and awe Frankie Boyle, Sloss has had a stellar career from a young age, writing for the BBC’s Mock the Week at 14, performing solo at 16, debuting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival a year later and becoming the youngest comedian to appear on Conan O’Brien, returning an unprecedented 6 times. At 22, he delivered a notable TEDx talk about storytelling, offering some insights on the nature of shock comedy: “No comedian wants to offend you, our job is to make you laugh and make you want to sleep with us.”

Now 27, Sloss radiates colossal self-confidence, having matured into a darker style and added explicit sexual comedy to his old repertoire of family jokes. His rapid-fire delivery barely leaves him time to breathe as he tackles the inherent absurdities of modern life and channels them into a night’s amusement.

Oct 17, 20.00, Gartenbaukino, 1., Parkring 12,

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Anja Stevic
Is a Croatian born writing for Metropole. After moving around, she decided to make Vienna her hometown, where she is currently pursuing her MSc in Communications. In her free time, she is attending exhibitions, photographing or analyzing data.

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