Edward Burtynsky’s Stunning Photography Shows our Impact on the Planet at the Kunst Haus Wien

Mankind’s effect on the mother nature captured by the renowned Canadian photographer

In a journey of seven years that spanned five continents and numerous adventures on the Yellow river of China, the Ganges of India and the mesmerizing Ölfusá river in Iceland, Edward Burtynsky’s first solo exhibition in Austria majestically captures water in its natural course and under man-made influence; an endeavor resulting in 250 large-print photographs.

A member of the Order of Canada with numerous contributions to National Geographic and other renowned publications, Burtynsky might easily be his country’s most prolific contemporary photographer. Using photos to visualize the transformation of nature through industry, Burtynsky explores the uneasy relationship between man and life-sustaining water. A fierce proponent of conscious living, he highlights pressing problems, warning of the colossal damage induced by lavish and harmful practices for energy and agriculture.

When asked what inspired the birth of his project, Burtynsky pointed out the human affinity to be near Mother Nature and water; he hopes that his art can bridge the dangerous divide that mankind has crafted between themselves and nature, failing to see how inextricably linked we are. To this purpose, he captures “intentional landscapes,” a term representing lands brought about by human intervention, and the corporate practice of placing economic over ecological welfare.

Visually compelling, Burtynsky’s encourages the audience to ponder the magnitude of their daily practices and their effect on this critical and -exhaustible resource.

Through Aug 27, Kunst Haus Wien


Nejra Rizvanović
Bosnia bred, currently residing in Austria, Nejra studies Cognitive Science at the University of Vienna. In her free time, she enjoys good company, learning new languages and eating sushi.

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